Comic-Con: 'Vampire Diaries' Gang Tease Season 6, Spoof Finale Aftermath

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The Vampire Diaries addressed the emotional season-five finale with humor at Comic-Con.

With Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) in purgatory(?), how and when the duo will return to Mystic Falls has been the big question. Instead of fielding dozens of questions during the 45-minute Saturday afternoon session, The CW vampire drama debuted a spoof dealing with just that subject.

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Moments after Bonnie and Damon "pass over," the two ask the questions fans of the show have been wondering since May: "What just happened?" "Did we just get written off?" Somerhalder had the funniest line when he cited his past experience getting killed off on Lost: "I was killed off a TV show before but this wasn't how they did it."

Somerhalder's first response when reading the final scene of the finale? "Vacation!" Somerhalder joked, before adding that "life evolves" and "we evolve as people." "Change is good."??


Graham, meanwhile, was satisfied with how Bonnie went out &mdash at least temporarily &mdash on her terms. "When she went out, it was her choice. That was something powerful. When I read the ending, I wasn't sad, I was empowered," Graham explained.

Here are some small teases for the sixth season.

Alaric returns to his teaching: The new episodes pick up a few months later and Alaric is living outside of Mystic Falls, "having compelled himself into a teaching job at the university." There will there be potential for romance. "If anyone deserves a little naughtiness it's Professor Saltzman," executive producer Julie Plec said.

Elena's tough slide: Right off the bat, Elena isn't dealing well with her loss of Damon. "She's not in a happy place, although she has a very interesting, confusing way of dealing with her grief," Nina Dobrev hinted.

Elena's reaction to Steroline: When asked whether Elena will have a hard time accepting Stefan and Caroline's burgeoning romance, Dobrev brought up the fact that Elena has dated both Salvatore brothers. "She kept it in the family, you know?" Added Paul Wesley, "Stefan's been good. He deserves some action."

Jeremy's dark arc: At the beginning of the year, Elena's brother has distanced himself from Elena and Alaric, so much so that it will cause massive problems. "Everyone's telling him to move on and he's like how dare you? ... Alaric has to step up."

The Vampire Diaries premieres Oct. 2 on The CW.


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