Cindy Crawford Opens Up About Marriage, Family, and Her Rise to the Top on 'Oprah's Master Class' [Video]

Cindy Crawford on "Oprah's Master Class"

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford will talk candidly about her remarkable life on Sunday night's "Oprah's Master Class." Nothing is off-limits, including Crawford's brother succumbing to leukemia, her parents' divorce, her failed marriage to actor Richard Gere, her rise to the top of the modeling industry, and her happy marriage to businessman Rande Gerber.

In this first clip, Crawford hints at her relationship with Gere and why it ended in divorce in 1995, after four years of marriage. "At 22, I was kind of still figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be," Crawford shares.

Crawford, married to Gerber since 1998, talks about why their relationship works. "When I met Rande, I was ready for Rande," Crawford says, adding that they started out as friends. She is confident that regardless of what happens in the future, they will always be friends: "Being rooted and based in friendship, it keeps the relationship elevated. There's always a certain level of respect." Whether it's parenting (they have two children together, Presley and Kaia), their personal life, or their careers, Crawford feels that Gerber's there for her as a trusted friend -- regardless of how pulled together or burned out she is feeling.

Crawford also opens up about her parents' divorce and how their oppressive postsplit relationship set the stage for Crawford's tireless motivation. "My father would give my mother money every week for child support, but if he was mad at her, because she'd gone out on a date or done something else, he wouldn't give her the money that week," Crawford confides. That resulted in a lack of grocery or gas money at times. That's when Crawford decided, "This will never happen to me. I will never be in that situation where I can't take care of myself."

While she's enjoyed her financial independence, she also had to learn to let go of some of that control when she married Gerber, so that he could feel like he was contributing and supporting their life. "It's OK to lean on someone. I've had to learn to back down a little bit from that and to be OK. Even if it's little things," she says.

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To hear more about what Crawford has to say, tune in to "Oprah's Master Class" on Sunday, 3/10 at 10 PM on OWN.