The Boy Meets World Sequel: Your Top 20 Reactions – and the 7 Best Story Ideas!

The Boy Meets World Sequel: Your Top 20 Reactions – and the 7 Best Story Ideas!

A beloved boy may soon be introducing his girl to the world — and you all have a lot to say about it!

Last Friday, we broke the news that Disney Channel is in the early stages of developing a Boy Meets World sequel series, titled Girl Meets World. And while we certainly thought the scoop was exciting, we had no idea it would generate such a fan frenzy.

You cheered, you jeered, you hooted and hollered, and we heard it all — so much so that we took it upon ourselves to compile the best reactions for and against the series. A few of you even pitched some pretty clever story ideas for the potential offshoot (most of which involve a wise man named Feeny), so those have been included below, as well.


“Feeeeeee-he-he-heeeenay!” –Peter

“Even if this was the worst show ever, I would watch religiously. So many feelings right now.” –Jake

“Had it not been for this show, I would have died happy in the knowledge that [Knight Rider's] KITT was, in fact, a talking car. In spite of that disheartening revelation, I liked it.” –Michael Sacal


“I was thinking this exact concept for years now. This took them long enough. I’m so excited!!” –Paayal

“I will only support this if Adam Scott makes multiple appearances as Griff.” –M

“If they honor the heart that made the show great, this cannot go wrong.” –Rachel

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“This is what America needs! Vote Cory!” –A-willy

“I am 29, single, without kids, and suddenly feel the need to get the Disney Channel.” –Hannah

“Are they serious? Um.. please say so. I have been such a hug fan of Boy Meets World [from] when I was little. In fact, I learned some of my morals on this show. I cannot believe this is in the talks. While others might be not so excited about this transition but me, I think you know where I stand.” –carpediemflores


“Please NO. Boy Meets World was such a cute and amazing series conducted with tenderness and heart, Disney Channel would just turn Cory’s and Topanga daughter in a slutty skank that just wants to be famous as a singer or an actress. This is not going to happen, period.” –Jo3y

“I am so torn on this. While I would LOVE to have Boy Meets World back in my life, I don’t think I am ready to watch Cory and Topanga’s CHILD on tv. As if I don’t feel old enough already.” –Sara

“Not sure how I feel about this. I loved Boy Meets World (I still watch the reruns constantly) and a sequel could be cool if, like others said, they don’t ruin the tone and innocence of the original. On the other hand, The Disney Channel hasn’t cranked out a decent show since the 90s so they could potentially be ruining the childhood memories of hundreds of fans. I think this would be cooler as a one-off TV movie, a sort of ‘where are they now?’, rather than a series. Also, it says they are in talks to get the original stars, but I do not want to see this idea go forward with different actors playing Cory or Topanga or both.” –J

“If this is on ABC family or even ABC I’m down. If it’s on Disney Channel, I’m out. It’ll likely be another tween sitcom if its on Disney Channel, which would alienate all of us that grew up on the original.” –Joey

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“This is going to be terrible. Way to ruin the greatest TV show that has ever existed.” –Morgan Macabre

“MIND. BLOWN. I just don’t know how it will fit into the Disney Channel now. Boy Meets World back in the day had substance, with episodes actually meaning something. I really hope they don’t make their “preteen” daughter a wanna-be singer/actor/whatever…because really, that’s basically all Disney does these days.” –me

“AWFUL IDEA. I really hope Ben and Danielle say ‘no’, and this series doesn’t get made. Disney Channel doesn’t do shows like Boy Meets World anymore, so it may have this name on it but it will be so much worse. Just leave the show what it was, and make another show about a preteen girl if that’s what ya want.” –Courtney

“This show doesn’t need to be aired on a channel where 99% of its viewers weren’t even ALIVE or CONCEIVED to know what Boy Meets World is. Seriously. Put it on ABC or some other channel that’s more deserving. It should be for the REAL 90s kids.” –Nora

“Can’t wait for the Boy Meets WorldStars Wars crossover episode.” –Ray C.

“It sounds like trainwreck waiting to happen, but I’d watch it. fo sho.” –cjeffery7


“So here it is — Eric should live above the garage of Cory and Topanga’s house. Mr. Turner should live next door and follow the daughter up through school like Feeny did. Feeny should be principal at John Adams High. Frankie and his dad should be the wrestling coaches that pick on Shawn’s son. Minkus could be another teacher that the daughter has and gets in trouble with, resulting in a parent-teacher conference between Minkus and Topanga… so many possibilities!” –Randi

“Cory and Topanga’s daughter falls for Shawn’s bad boy son. Make it happen, Disney! –I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore)

“If this happens, I hope they name the daughter Beverly Glenn (their future daughter’s name in the “Plays with Squirrels” episode).” –KS

“Would it be too much to ask that Eric + Jack are married in this sequel? Cause those two were totally gay and that would be a really bold move for Disney to make. Their kids could go to school with the main girl.” –mia

“…Make Eric a teacher at the school.” –Sarabeth

“OMG so excited!!! I hope Cory and Shawn end up as next-door neighbors. And I can totally imagine Angela kicking Shawn out of the house for a night and Shawn having to sleep on the Matthews’ couch! I so hope Disney doesn’t mess this up!” –Aly

“I’d freak if Feeee-he-heeeeeenay was her principal. Her version of Cory, or even Shawn, needs to be Minkus’ kid.” –Topo GiGi


“Just want you guys to know that @BenSavage and I have talked and we’ve decided…Thanksgiving is going to be delicious this year!” Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel via Twitter, after news of a sequel broke

How are you feeling about a possible Boy Meets World sequel? Any brilliant story ideas of your own? Hit the comments!

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