The Big Bang Theory: Mrs. Wolowitz's 11 Most Memorable (and Loudest) Moments

Simon Helberg, Carol Ann Susi (inset) | Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS

Few stars have made maximum impact with literally zero screen time. Carol Ann Susi, who died in November after a battle with cancer, was never seen on The Big Bang Theory, but the mere thought of her booming, screechy overbearing voice as Mrs. Wolowitz puts a smile on your face... while inducing a Pavlovian recoil in Howard (Simon Helberg). Thursday's episode of Big Bang (8/7c, CBS) will pay tribute to the veteran character actress, as Howard receives some tragic news just as Stuart (Kevin Sussman) reopens the comic book store. But let's look back on the happier times when Susi most definitely made herself heard.

Celebs who got caught lying

1. When she shopped with Sheldon and needed help "stuffing":

2. When she wasn't "dressed to receive":

3. When she had some fierce competition from Bernadette:

4. When she and Howard argued about popsicles:

5. When she didn't want to catch a computer virus:

6. When she basically replaced Howard with "Stewie":

7. When Howard wanted her to make him chocolate milk and Eggos:

8. When Howard learned that his mother has needs too:

9. When Howard dropped his engagement news while she was dropping a deuce:

10. When she thought Howard was a sex criminal:

11. When she held Raj hostage:

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