From Beyoncé to Taylor Swift, Sam Smith’s Love for Pop’s Greatest Divas

It’s no secret that Sam Smith loves pop’s greatest divas.

Over the past year, as fans gotten to know the British crooner, they’ve learned of the fandom he has for female singers. "I've been obsessed with female diva vocals my whole life," Smith told Billboard last November.

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“I’ve always loved big female voices like Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Etta James and Beyoncé,” Smith also reiterated to T Magazine in another interview last year.

With that in mind, find out what Smith has to say about his favorite female vocalists.

Adele: “I ultimately think our music’s completely different, but if I’m going to be compared to anyone, it’s amazing.” (Billboard)

Amy Winehouse: "I love Amy Winehouse. I was 11 when her first album came out ... I grew up listening to Amy, Whitney, and [Chaka Khan]." (V Magazine)

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Britney Spears: "Blackout, that's my favorite Britney album. There's still some of her there. She was fighting for something. Whatever it was, she was fighting for something. I also love Circus; I love Femme Fatale. I always say to myself, 'If Britney can make it through 2007, you can make it through this.'" (Rolling Stone)

Beyoncé: "I don't want to meet her because I believe that some idols should remain up there. If you meet everyone you're inspired by you'll have no one to look up to." (GQ UK)

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Chaka Khan: "My mom always used to joke around with her friends, when I was, like, 12 years old—'It's all good. Sam's just got to get Chaka Khan to sing with him when I'm in my 50s.' I rang her this morning and she was like, ‘I can't believe you.'" (V Magazine)

Etta James: "I listened to Etta James a lot. What I loved about her, which I try to do more of, is the rawness. She didn’t care if her voice went a bit f--ked up here and there." (V Magazine)

Joni Mitchell: "My whole record, In the Lonely Hour, was inspired by the artwork for [Mitchell's] Both Sides Now." (V Magazine)

My idol

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Lady Gaga: "I was front row [at a concert], fully Gaga'd up! I'd do it again in a heartbeat...Without Gaga, I wouldn't be here right now." (Rolling Stone)

Mary J. Blige: “Mary still texts me to this day, making sure everything is okay. It's taught me a lesson. If I'm here in twenty years' time, knock on wood, I'll make sure anyone I meet who's just starting out, I will sit down and offer advice and help.” (GQ)

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Rihanna: “I f--king love her.” (Rolling Stone)

Taylor Swift: “Taylor Swift is amazing…She's a role model. I really respect her. And she manages to sell a lot of records and make a lot of people happy financially, but also to keep that soulfulness, that honesty." (GQ)

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Not only is Smith a huge fan of all these ladies, he knows a lot about them. Watch him test his knowledge with a “Diva Quiz.”

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