Bath & Body Works Rant Gets Epic Reenactment

Check out this amazing re-creation of the fateful day Jen From Appleton entered Az4angela's life.

Sometimes you hear a story so amazing that you just have to bring it to life through the medium of short film reenactment.

And, because occasionally the world can be a wonderful place filled with all kinds of unexpected joy and hilarity, some incredible performers have come together to re-create the now-legendary Epic Bath & Body Works Rant.

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Using only audio and some video from Az4angela's original hate-filled monologue about an evil store manager named Jen, and then lip-synching a re-enactment Drunk History style, these actresses give us a glance at how that fateful day might have really looked.

What's amazing about this video is how it makes you hate absolutely everyone involved in this story.

Jen, the "terrible" store manager who had the audacity to offer up free coupons and a customer service contact number to the screaming shopper who is angry because of being mildly inconvenienced, becomes the bitchy Mean Girl that the rant implies she was. Actress Shana Eva should get some sort of award.

Also, the actress playing Angela, Lisa Marie Summerscales, perfectly captures Az4angela's wild-eyed madness, and her "pleasant face."

Good work, people. This made everyone's day a little better.

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Sure, Az4angela is pretty good at Ranting, but if you want to see a professional at work, check out the video below for a breakdown of Kanye West's seven greatest rants.

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