Bam Margera regrets pointing gun to puppy’s head and posting photo to Twitter

The “Jackass” gang has attempted plenty of dangerous and stupid stunts over the years. (That’s how they make a living, after all.) They’ve launched themselves into the air via rocket, shot themselves, and shocked themselves. They’ve shoved toy cars up their rectums, and dangled a guy over the ocean with a fish hook through the cheek. Ringleader Johnny Knoxville has even admitted that, after breaking his penis during a motorcycle stunt, he must now use a catheter twice a day for the rest of his life. The majority of the public couldn’t care less if these grown men want to literally beat themselves up until they need to rely on medical devices to complete basic bodily functions. By all means, carry on, fellas  … But involve a puppy in one of your shenanigans and there’s going to be hell pay.

On Tuesday, castmember Brandon “Bam” Margera said he regrets a not-so-funny stunt he pulled on Twitter recently. Many were up in arms after Margera posted a photo to Twitter of himself pointing a gun to the head of a tiny pit bull puppy while holding a sign that said “If she poops one more time she goes bye byes.” Accompanying text explained that the pup had defecated in Margera’s bed.

While the dog was unharmed and the gun was fake, the bigger issue seemed to be the example he was setting for others in a world that already sees too many incidents of animal abuse, including some especially horrific ones that made headlines recently near Margera’s home in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Margera said he should have made it clear the gun was fake and that he is as horrified by animal abuse as the average person.

"I think those people need to go down," the 33-year-old, who also owns six cats, told the paper of the abusers. "Just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more." 

Margera later spoke to E! News, explaining that had he known about the local incidents of animal torture, he never would have posted the pic. "That is terrible, and I didn't know that. If I did, I never would have posted it," he added, saying he likes "jokes and shock value. It was bad timing on me."

Margera’s publicist did not respond to omg!’s request for comment.

The dog, named Penny, will be temporarily staying with a friend of Margera’s while he is traveling for the next 10 days. Let’s hope the house is free of both fake and real weapons and that the dogsitter stays off Twitter.

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