AskMen’s Great Male Survey reveals that men are no longer interested in keeping up with Kim Kardashian

The results are in for AskMen’s fifth annual Great Male Survey, which polled over 50,000 men from around the world on issues ranging from online snooping to what keeps them up at night. But in addition to gauging popular male opinion on a variety of topics, the Great Male Survey also provides a clearer picture on where men stand on public figures – including which celebs have worn out their welcome. And, as it turns out, if it were up to guys, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber’s 15 minutes would be just about up.

Great Male Survey 2012

When asked which female public figures men were most tired of hearing about in 2012, the message came through loud and clear in the survey’s findings:

Kim Kardashian - 62%
Nicki Minaj - 18%
Jennifer Lopez - 9%
Kate Middleton - 6%
Sofia Vergara – 3%
Kate Upton - 2%

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After generating only 17% of a similar vote in 2011, Kim Kardashian jumped to the top of the list in 2012. And while Kim’s 62% didn’t leave much for the other ladies, maybe “American Idol” producers shouldn’t be too worried about rumors of Jennifer Lopez leaving the show: 9% of AskMen’s readers say they’ve had their fill of J.Lo.

A little more about the Great Male Survey 2012

Meanwhile, other seemingly obvious candidates like Lindsay Lohan avoided guys’ scorn in 2012, though the omission is more a result of the former tabloid mainstay keeping a lower profile in 2012. Instead, more talked-about celebs – like the chart-topping Nicki Minaj – earned more attention, and with it, more votes.

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And when it comes to celebrity men, another overly familiar face took over 64% of the 2012 vote: Justin Bieber. Apparently, another year in the spotlight hasn’t made guys any more interested in the teen superstar, who also led AskMen’s voting in 2011. And call it the Kardashian bump, but Kim’s new man, Kanye West, wasn’t far behind.

Justin Bieber - 67%
Lebron James - 10%
Kanye - 10%
Barack Obama - 8%
Mitt Romney - 5%

Thanks to an election year, both Obama and Romney round out the list, but pundits probably shouldn’t take too much stock in the percentage points. Sofia Vergara and Kate Upton also showed up on the list of overexposed women, despite earning the top two spots on AskMen’s Top 99 Women in 2012– proving that just because men may be a little tired of hearing about you, it doesn’t mean they won’t still vote for you when it counts.

Head over to AskMen to check out the rest of the results of their 2012 Great Male Survey.

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