And the Mistletoe Madness champ and your choice for the best Christmas episode ever is…

Pop pop! After more than twelve thousand votes in our Mistletoe Madness bracket (and lots of spirited debate), one episode has emerged as your favorite Christmas episode of all time: “Community’s” Season 3 holiday offering, “Regional Holiday Music.”

In a fiercely contested final round, the Greendale study group’s twisted take on “Glee” and holiday pageants vanquished a formidable foe, narrowly beating out a classic Christmas installment of “Married… With Children” and sending Sam Kinison’s guardian angel back to heaven -- or wherever he came from.

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We’ve already sung the praises of “Regional Holiday Music” here, and here, and here, and here. But this monumental victory deserves its own celebration. So to get you into the holiday spirit, here’s the episode’s tag, with beloved “Community” characters Dean Pelton, Chang, Magnitude, Starburns, and Leonard offering a, um, unique version of “Carol of the Bells”:

Thanks to everyone who participated in Mistletoe Madness… and stay tuned for more bracket-based goodness in the months to come from Yahoo! TV.