Amy Schumer Leads Charge on Gun Control in New Press Conference With Chuck Schumer

Amy Schumer is once again is using her voice to lead the call for gun control.

The 34-year-old comedian joined U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, who is also her cousin, on the steps of New York City Hall on Sunday to advocate for legislation that would expand firearm regulations.

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The legislation in question includes the expansion of background checks and the abolition of a loophole in which background checks are not required at all for firearms purchased at guns shows and on the internet.

This is the second time the Amy and Chuck have teamed up to promote gun control reform. The relatives held a press conference calling for new legislative measures last summer after several people were killed in a mass shooting at a screening of the Amy's film Trainwreck in a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Together, the two have begun spreading the hashtag #AimingForChange, and are looking to raise awareness on the topic of gun control. During the press conference, Senator Schumer referred to the initiative as the "common sense" firearms legislation.

For more on Amy's call for an end to gun violence, check out the video below.

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