AMC pits taxidermists against each other in new reality competition 'Immortalized' [Exclusive photo]

If you think that taxidermy is only about stuffed moose heads on mountain-lodge walls and creepy cat ladies who can't let go, you're in for a surprise. AMC's new reality competition series "Immortalized" opens up the mysterious world of taxidermy in a most unexpected way. Each episode pits a champion "Immortalizer" against a "Challenger." These two taxidermists are each tasked with creating a piece that will be judged on originality, craftsmanship, and interpretation of the designated theme.

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In this exclusive look at promo art for the upcoming series, the four "Immortalizers" -- Takeshi Yamada, Beth Beverly, Dave Houser, and Page Nethercutt -- are peering over one of their taxidermal creations. They look ready to take on any "Challenger." On most reality TV competitions, contestants have to bring their A game, but on "Immortalized," "you have to bring your own game."

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"Immortalized" premieres Thursday, 2/14 at 10 PM on AMC.

Can't wait until Valentine's Day to check out this new series? No problem -- you can watch the second episode, "End of the World," right now: