Amanda Bynes: ‘I am doing amazing’

The world may be worried about Amanda Bynes – but she’s not concerned. After months of reports about her bad driving (she has been charged with DUI and two counts of hit-and-run) and bizarre antics (talking to herself in public), the former “What I Like About You” actress has broken her silence. “I am doing amazing,” Bynes, 26, tells People in an official statement.

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She also talked about her career. The child star, described as “polite” and “upbeat” by the magazine, first raised eyebrows in 2010 when she announced on Twitter that she was retiring from acting, only to take it back in a later tweet. "I am retired as an actor,” she once again says. “I am moving to New York to launch my career. I am going to do a fashion line. I am not talking about being arrested for DUI because I don't drink, and I don't drink and drive. It is all false."

Although Bynes wouldn’t talk about her mounting legal problems, a source close to her did. "People around Amanda are really concerned about her," one pal shares with the mag. "She tells people she doesn't party or drink. She doesn't realize she has a problem."

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It’s getting so bad, Bynes’ parents have relocated from Texas to Los Angeles out of concern for their daughter just this week after some disturbing behavior, reports TMZ. On Monday, she locked herself in a dressing room at a West Hollywood boutique for nearly two hours. The next evening, she took a spin class at an Equinox gym also in WeHo and was “a mess,” according to People. Mid-class, she suddenly stopped, took of her shirt (exposing just a push-up bra, not a sports bra) and stared in a mirror for 10 minutes as she fixed her makeup and her hair. Then she simply put her shirt back on and walked out of the room.

Bynes is due back in court on September 27 for the hit-and-run charges.

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