4 best moments from the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' post-Oscars show

After a very (very) long Oscars broadcast, "Jimmy Kimmel Live's" annual post-Oscars show felt like a breath of fresh, funny air.

We want to Channing all over his Tatum!

As usual, the host presided over a star-studded episode, which included the sequel to last year's fake trailer "Movie the Movie." Check out the four best moments from "Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars":

4. "Lie-Witness News"

Kimmel and his crew apply one of their regular bits to the Oscars. "What'd you think of Suri Cruise's speech?" they ask one random person. "Too long!"

"What was your favorite part of the Oscars?" they ask another man.

"Helen Hunt. Girl got it going on, man."

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3. "Life of Psy"

The parody of the Ang Lee film, which won four Academy Awards, featured the distinctive Korean pop singer Psy. His catchy and ubiquitous song gets a big "hand" from the tiger he shared a boat with.

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2. "Movie the Movie: 2V"

"And when you have a big success in Hollywood," Kimmel notes, "there's only one reasonable thing you can do: that is cheapen it with a sequel."

This one was just as packed with A-listers as last year's original, if not more. The fake trailer features big names like Jessica Chastain, Gerard Butler, Jude Law, and Bradley Cooper. Bryan Cranston is an armless piano-playing savant, while John Krasinski is a vengeful Shrimp Man. Bruno Mars pops up as does Channing Tatum and his laser-shooting, uh, middle area. And of course, Kimmel's nemesis, Matt Damon, stops by to eat a "sandwich."


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1. Jamie Foxx's Channing Tatum song

The co-stars of "White House Down" get down and dirty, joking about the size of their "packages" and getting people pregnant at afterparties. Then Jamie Foxx sings a song about Tatum's name, which he likens to "aloha." "It means hello and goodbye at the same time," Foxx says.


The thrust (ahem) of the song is basically Foxx singing, "I want to Channing your Tatum." Then Kimmel gets involved. ""It's not dirty at all. It's almost spiritual," Foxx purrs. The number ends with Tatum grinding on Kimmel, as the host thanks everyone for tuning in so late after the Oscars.


Oscars? The Oscars were on earlier?