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'Under the Dome': Breaking Down the Extended Trailer for CBS’s Stephen King Miniseries

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Stephen King, a pilot helmed by "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" (the Swedish one) director Niels Arden Oplev, a mystery dome cutting off a small American town from the world, a bloody handprint, and diced cow parts — what's not to get excited about with the upcoming 13-week summer series "Under the Dome"? And now that CBS has released an extended trailer for the spookfest based on the novel of the same name that contains more explosions, more car crashes, and even a tad more character development, we're even more pumped for the June 24 premiere.

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And what better way to celebrate the extra minute and 25 seconds of new footage than with a second-by-second analysis of the clip.

0:02 — Nothing says small town like a kid riding his bike down Main Street, U.S.A. And nothing says weird s--- is about to go down like an overcast day, empty streets, and gloomy piano music. Also, something tells me that helmet isn't really gonna help when the dome comes to Chester's Mill.

0:07 — An older waitress pours Big Jim (Dean Norris, "Breaking Bad") coffee in an empty restaurant while inquiring, "You up for the game today, Big Jim?" He replies without looking her in the eye, "No, sitting this one out, actually."

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0:09 — The city's fire trucks roll past two policemen in their patrol car. Jeff Fahey ("Lost"), aka guy cop, barks, "Where the hell are they taking all of our trucks?" Girl cop responds, "West Lake. It's a parade day," as she waves at a fireman we're guessing is her beau.

0:14 — A mystery man (as you never get a good look at him), in what appears to be a post-afternoon delight session, tells a young waitress that he loves her from the bed. And she (Britt Robertson, "The Secret Circle") replies, "It's been a fun summer."

The mystery thriller's large cast boasts names like Dean Norris ("Breaking Bad"), Rachelle Lefevre ("Twilight"), Mike Vogel ("Pan Am"), and Britt Robertson ("The Secret Circle").

Welcome to Chester's Mill.

0:17 — DJ Phil, easily the coolest cat in town, is on air. "You're listening to WYBS, the Mill's only 100 percent independent home of..." The screen goes fuzzy.

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0:19 — People gather around a truck at the quintessential small-town church complete with white steeple. Can't tell if someone is in the vehicle or it has been abandoned. Their crossed arms say angry, while their faces read more like perplexed.

0:22 — Mike Vogel ("Bates Motel," "Pan Am") is driving down a road when he takes off his sunglasses for a closer look at something offscreen and reveals a big bloody gash above his eyebrow.

0:28 — Rachelle Lefevre (the girl who will forever be known as the ginger fired from "Twilight") loses her balance and falls forward as a huge thud is heard and then a dial tone.

0:30 — Big Jim and his dome (as in the bald-headed kind) are in his office at what looks like a car dealership.

0:32 — Flurry of townspeople reaction shots including a hoodie kid on a porch, mouth agape, and a younger waitress in front of the church as a voice bellows over a loudspeaker: "Everyone please stop what you are doing and listen. This is not a drill."

0:35 — Folks have gathered in Big Jim's car lot to look up, and it flashes to an overhead wide shot of the city. Suddenly a ginormous clear dome appears, encapsulating the town and landing with an ominous sound like something you'd hear on "Falling Skies."

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0:38 — The dome makes contact with the ground near a spun-out car, and from the last clip we know some cows get hurt when the dome lands. The bovines freak out and scatter with the arrival of the glass prison.

0:39 — Continuity error alert: The car we think was just spun out in the previous second now crashes through a white pasture gate, and as the camera follows the car, the viewer is treated to a cow crotch shot.

0:41 — While trapped inside, Vogel warns the fireman, returning from the parade we assume, caught on the outside and now running full speed ahead at the dome. He shouts, "No, no, no, no," but the fireman makes contact and sounds like he gets electrocuted. When in freeze-frame, it looks like there's a brief glimpse of circuitry where his cheek touches the wall before he falls to the ground.

0:44 — Vogel is now shouting warnings and waving arms at an oncoming truck. But again, it is too late and a semi truck smashes into the dome at full speed and buckles in a truly awesome clip of crash cinematography, seen from two angles.

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0:50 — Outsiders take pictures for Facebook and Twitter while several Humvees roll up.

0:52 — More townsfolk gather while the voice on the speaker system says, "I can't tell you if what happened was an act of terrorism or an act of God." The girl cop looks out at the gathered media and sheriffs and motions like she can't hear them.

0:55 — A bloody person is carried past on a stretcher while crowds and ambulances converge at the hospital (?).

0:58 — Lefevre to Vogel: "Where the hell did it come from?" He responds, "No idea."

1:01 — Guys in hazmat suits appear to be testing the dome.

1:03 — Hoodie boy gets zapped when he touches the side.

1:04 — Mystery guy says to young waitress standing in the middle of outdated kitchen, "We're on our own."

1:10 — Dead birds start dropping like flies on hoodie boy and Vogel.

1:16 — The same duo watch as a small plane crashes into the dome above and explodes, and the tail comes careening for hoodie boy but Vogel tackles him out of the way.

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1:21 — Just when they thought they were safe, a severed arm lands a few inches from them.

1:25 — Girl cop: "Whatever it is, it cut off all our roads." Guy cop expounds on that idea, "Not just the roads, the whole town."

1:31 — DJ Cool Cat listens to a broadcast on shortwave radio and overhears the Army discussing their guesstimate on size. They say 20,000 feet and he says, "Did he just call it a dome?"

1:36 — Ginger vamp asks, "You think we might be stuck in here awhile?" And Vogel answers like a guy who knows more than he lets on, "I think even if what's wrong suddenly becomes right, the Army is just going to quarantine this place." They see scientists (who have white coats on, so definitely scientists) and Army guys conducting more sure-to-be-useful experiments spraying the dome with a hose.

1:42 — More military vehicles assembling and setting up camp on outer rim.

1:43 — The earlier empty diner is now crowded and the older waitress asks, "Duke, what the hell is going on?" He says, "I promise as soon as I have answers, so will all of you."

1:51 — In the lonely corridors of town hall, Dean asks guy cop (who we know now as Duke), "Should we tell them the truth? We're all in this together." It is followed by an offscreen chuckle. Not sure if it is intended to sound as evil as it does.

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2:03 — Girl cop asks, "Why us?" Duke replies, "Maybe we're being punished."

2:08 — House explodes and people go flying.

2:10 — Girl cop talks to younger guy cop who says something cryptic like "You'll see who your friends are."

2:11 — Hoodie boy follows Vogel suspiciously.

2:12 — The town forms a line to hand down pots, pans, anything filled with water to put out the fire. Guessing the human chain is needed because all the trucks are stuck outside.

2:14 — Girl cop and her fireman beau try to line up hands on either side of the glass. He confirms he can't hear her.

2:17 — Waitress, who has traded in her uniform for a candy striper apron, says to Vogel, "Looks like we're stuck in a giant fishbowl. I used to have fish. One got sick and the other one ate him."

2:24 — Vogel inspects a giant bloody handprint on dome. Unclear whether it's on inside or outside.

"Under the Dome" premieres June 24 at 10 PM on CBS.