'Survivor: Caramoan' recap: Battle of the bulge

"Second Episode" - The Bikal and the Gota Tribes stand on the beach before the Immunity challenge on the second episode of "Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites."

Even though they aren't even a part of this season, it seems like "Survivor: Caramoan" is shaping up to be Boston Rob vs. Russell Hantz all over again.

Phillip is playing by Boston Rob rules, while Brandon considers indulging his darker Hantz qualities. The two sides promise to clash in the weeks to come.

But for now, the favorites get a reprieve from Tribal Council, while the fans learn just how cutthroat this game can get. And it all comes down to someone's pants being a little too tight.

"I'm feeling revengeful"

Post-Tribal Council, Brandon's on the warpath. He's pissed that Francesca got shafted and tells off Dawn, who immediately goes to cry in the dark. Oh, Dawn, grow a pair.

"I'm thinking of going Russell Hantz style," Brandon says. "I honestly feel my uncle's blood running through my body right now." Yes!

Unfortunately, with the dawn comes regrets. As he tells Cochran, maybe sabotaging their tribe isn't the best idea. And when Phillip comes over, Brandon tries to make peace. Can they figure out a way to pull the whole tribe together? But Phillip rambles on about how he's the CEO and Brandon's middle management and how he can't trust Brandon, etc.

Brandon is not pleased. "Phillip is a bully," he tells Erik and Corinne. "He's Boston Robbing us."

Over at the fans' camp, two sides are starting to form as well: the couples vs. everyone else. Sherri wants to solidify her six -- herself, Laura, Julia, Michael, Matt, and Shamar.

But Shamar is starting to annoy everyone with his laziness around camp. Still, Sherri wants to keep him around because, "Shamar is my Phillip." Aha, so she's trying to Boston Rob them, too!

Immunity challenge

The challenge is another multi-step obstacle course ending in a ring toss. The fans are so divided, they can't figure out who should do what, and it ends up costing them. The faves win immunity and fishing gear. The Phillip/Brandon showdown will be delayed at least another week.

Go behind the scenes of the challenge:

Meanwhile, the fans go back to camp and start scrambling. Reynold calls out Shamar for their loss, as well as being lazy in camp. Shamar shrugs, asking what Reynold plans to do about it. "Vote for you," Reynold responds.

Laura wants her alliance to target Allie because "she's the only one of the pretty people who's thinking."

Michael and Matt, the floaters, aren't quite sure which way to go. Maybe they should vote Shamar out -- they'll still have a five-to-four advantage anyway. And at least they'll be rid of a troublemaker. Sherri is adamant that they keep him. Which side will they choose?

Hidden agendas

Finally, one of the fans uses their expertise to do something smart! Allie's partner, Reynold goes hunting for the hidden immunity idol ... and finds it! He then hides it in his pocket. "I don't want to go back to camp with a big bulge in my pants," he jokes.

Unfortunately, his pants are too tight and Laura spots the bulge. She instantly knows he's got the hidden idol, and now she's worried he might give it to Allie.

At Tribal, she reveals that information to everybody's shock. He defends himself and makes a case: Don't force him to use it now, so they can all use it after the merge.

Everyone votes, and the floaters choose: Allie is voted out. The pretty people alliance is in major trouble.

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