'Mad Men' goes to Maui

Aloha -- "Mad Men" is hitting the beach in Hawaii for its sixth season. Jon Hamm, who plays ad exec Don Draper, and Jessica Paré, who plays his wife Megan, slipped into bathing suits to film scenes of a Hawaiian vacation for the premiere.

The show is set in the 1960s, so the beach looks had a retro vibe. Hamm, 41, looked buff as he traded his three-piece suit for red paisley swim trunks. And Paré, 29, looked stunning in a brightly colored bikini. The brunette was also seen wearing bug-eyed shades and a floppy white hat. Hamm sported aviators.

While no details of the plot have been forthcoming from show creator Matthew Weiner, from the photos at least, it looks like the TV couple is still together. The two sit in the sand and enjoy the sun. Don is still smoking. And Jessica likes blue drinks. (Fans shouldn't worry that Don has lost his edge in paradise: A sharp-eyed People magazine report spotted Don reading the uber-serious tome of the nine circles of hell, Dante's "Inferno.")

The hit AMC show takes place at a Manhattan ad agency -- and is part soap opera and part workplace drama. It also stars Christina Hendricks as office manager Joan, Elizabeth Moss as ad writer Peggy, and January Jones, who plays Don Draper's ex-wife.