'Dallas': Who shot J.R. (again)?

Larry Hagman in the "Dallas" Season 2 episode, "Venomous Creatures." (TNT)

Well, one thing's for sure: It wasn't Sue Ellen's sister, Kristin, this time. Monday night's episode of TNT's "Dallas" redo ended with J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) on the phone with his son John Ross (Josh Henderson), late at night. John Ross was in a conference room at Ewing Energies, and J.R. finally told his son he was proud of him.

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And, he added, "I've got a plan. It's going to be my masterpiece. Because you shouldn't have to pay for my sins."

A confused John Ross then heard shots ring out on the other end of the phone. When he tried to get a response from his daddy, he was met with silence.

So … is that how J.R. Ewing dies? He survived when the aforementioned Kristin pumped bullets into him in that classic March 21, 1980, "Dallas" episode, "A House Divided" … but did one of the many, many people he's ticked off or ruined throughout the years finally get fed up and do him in once and for all? Or is this some kind of trick?

After all, J.R. spent last night's episode, "The Furious and the Fast," plotting something, including some wheelings and dealings that took him on a trip to Abu Dhabi.

And next week's episode, which TNT has confirmed will revolve around a J.R. Ewing funeral, is titled "J.R.'s Masterpiece." If J.R. really is dead -- and we assume he is, since Hagman passed away unexpectedly last November -- there is no shortage of suspects, but we suspect from the title that ol' J.R. has set somebody up to make his death maximally impact those he left behind.

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That includes John Ross and ex-wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), as well as brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and wayward brother Gary (Ted Shackelford), who returned in last night's episode with some not-so-surprising news: he and wife Val, who starred in the 1979-1993 "Dallas" spin-off "Knots Landing," have split up (again), prompting Gary to fall off the wagon (again), and require a loan from brother Bobby (again).

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"Dallas" airs Mondays at 9 PM on TNT.