We Are Newcastle United episode 4 recap: Where Our Lads Belong

 We Are Newcastle United episode 4: Dan Burn and manager Eddie Howe
We Are Newcastle United episode 4: Dan Burn and manager Eddie Howe

We Are Newcastle United episode 4 is the final instalment in the Prime Video documentary, and focuses on the club's history and the road to the Champions League.

It's been a rollercoaster for fans since the takeover, and so far we've seen new signings, new management, and new sponsorship deals, with the fourth and final episode documenting the club fighting for a coveted place in European football.

Fans know that Newcastle has indeed secured that place, but the documentary follows the fans, the board, and beyond as everyone is praying that the club will make it.

Here's a recap of all the big moments in We Are Newcastle United episode 4...

Champions League dreams

Michael Reiziger (left) of Barcelona takes on Faustino Asprilla (right) of Newcastle United during the Champions League match in 1997

The final episode of We Are Newcastle United opens with archive footage from 1997, where Newcastle played Barcelona in the Champions League. It was a huge game and vox pops revealed that they were the "underdogs", so nobody expected them to win.

However, they went on to shock the nation with Newcastle beating the Spanish team 3-2, with a sensational performance from Faustino Asprilla who scored all three goals, one being a penalty.

Now, in 2023 the fight continued to secure a place in the top four which will enable them to qualify for Champions League football. The board, the players and the fans were all nervous and feeling the pressure to achieve.

While the club fight on the pitch to secure the coveted place, board members are working behind the scenes to secure more sponsorship deals and try to make the club as strong as it can be.

We follow Amanda, Mehrdad, and members of the board as they travel to the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany for an all-important meeting. They've already partnered with Castore but want to take things further.

The club has a history with Adidas having partnered with them in the '90s and 2000s where they designed their first-team kits. The board had the opportunity to look at some of the iconic home kits from over the years.

Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand wearing one of the iconic Newcastle kits

The episode also focuses on the battle for top four, and how the club were down to the wire to secure that place in the Champions League. All they needed was a draw against Leicester in their final home game of the Premier League in order to make it happen.

At half-time it was 0-0 so the pressure was really on for the squad, with the players discussing strategies in the break, saying that they needed to stay calm and not let it get to their heads.

Despite a goalless game, Newcastle were celebrating because it was enough to keep them in the top four and put them into the Champions League, which was a huge achievement.

Eddie Howe's life in Newcastle

Eddie Howe with his wife Vicki and two of his sons at Bournemouth

The final episode also focuses on Eddie's move to the North East, as he is originally from Buckinghamshire. He moved with his wife Vicki and their three sons Theo, Rocky, and Harry.

Eddie reveals that his two older sons love football as much as he does and that he's surrounded by the game "from six in the morning until nine at night".

Prior to joining Newcastle United, Eddie spent ten years as manager of Bournemouth and left in 2020 when the club was relegated from the Premier League.

He reflected on his career and revealed he'd never expected to go from League Two to chasing the Champions League, and admitted that doors "had opened" for him as well as the players.

In addition to this, the documentary features a segment about Dan Burn as he returns to his hometown of Blyth, Northumberland to return to the local football club and answer questions from some of the supporters there.

The documentary ends with a wonderful sense of optimism from the fans, as the city is buzzing with excitement for news that they'll once again see their club on a global level, playing against some of the biggest teams in the world.