We Are Newcastle United episode 3 recap: Changing The Toon

 We Are Newcastle United episode 3: Callum Wilson on the pitch giving a thumbs up
We Are Newcastle United episode 3: Callum Wilson on the pitch giving a thumbs up

We Are Newcastle United episode 3 has a key focus on striker Callum Wilson as well as the club's continued efforts to secure funding and a place in the Champions League.

It's been a wild ride so far with the Prime Video documentary focusing on the club's takeover, new management, new players, and the all-important Carabao Cup final which sadly ended in disappointment for the Magpies.

As we continue through the documentary we're given deeper access to the club and its players, including some media scrutiny and an all-important match against Manchester United following their earlier defeat in the cup final.

Here's what happened in We Are Newcastle United episode 3...

The road to the Champions League

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe alongside Dan Burn and Alexander Isak
Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe alongside Dan Burn and Alexander Isak

Episode 3 opens with a Newcastle game against Nottingham Forest, with manager Eddie Howe explaining how he can only choose 11 men to play each game, despite having 25 - 30 at his disposal. He admits this can result in "unhappy players" at times.

When asked about Callum Wilson and Alexander Isak, and which "takes being on the bench" better, Eddie jokes "Neither of them!". So it's clear that players want to be out there and give it their all, but Eddie has to make some tough choices.

Meanwhile, the club has their hearts set on Champions League football and we see some more boardroom discussions about how they can possibly make that a reality. The goal is for the club to finish in the top four of the Premier League which will secure them a place.

This episode takes place at the end of March, with narrator Alan Shearer explaining that they were currently in 5th place in the table behind Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal.

But the squad was faced with challenges such as an injury, and pundits criticising Callum Wilson for not being on top form like he was at the beginning of the season. It has been five weeks since the Carabao Cup defeat too, so fans are hoping for some good news.

On top of this, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag was critical of Eddie Howe and the Newcastle squad, and he was worried about a lack of consistency and "time-wasting".

But fans weren't having any of it, with vox pops branding Ten Hag a "hypocrite" and claiming that he was "just trying to get the fans angry", so they were trying not to take these criticisms too personally.

Wor Flags also features in this episode, a group who have worked to create a number of big displays and flags that fans can display proudly when they attend games, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the work they do.

But the key focus of episode 3 is Newcastle's game against Manchester United following the cup defeat and the pressure is on for them to win.

After a stressful start, they eventually beat Manchester United in the second half which takes them back into the top 4. This is great news for the club as that's exactly where they need to be if they want a chance in the Champions League.

Elsewhere, there was focus on the international fanbase, where we're taken on a tour of the US to follow the club as they attempt to gain more revenue on a global level.

Callum Wilson visits his old school

Callum Wilson in his England kit
Callum Wilson in his England kit

The documentary focuses heavily on striker Callum Wilson in this episode, and we follow him as he's invited back to his old school where he speaks to pupils.

Speaking to the camera, he reflects on his own time at school and admits he was often "distracting" to those around him as he didn't really focus, and adds that he was "probably crying out for help in a roundabout way".

His former teacher is interviewed and admitted that he did have some concerns about Callum's future, saying he knew he "had the talent" but was worried about his motivation.

Callum opens up about his upbringing and the "turmoil" he'd faced, reflecting back on how growing up with some challenges had helped him to motivate himself to go to "the next level".

Eddie Howe also tells interviewers that he "backs" Callum amid some criticisms, with Callum also admitting that footballers are often scrutinized and it's something you need to get used to.

Despite the media buzz around Wilson's weaknesses, he impressed in a game against West Ham where he scored two goals and helped the team secure a 5 - 1 win against the Hammers, with Joelinton and Alexander Isak topping up the remaining goals.

During a game against Brentford, Callum is brought on as a substitution and once again helps the team to secure another win, 2-1 this time.

Fans and pundits alike were delighted to see Callum scoring goals again, and they were praying that the winning streak would continue for Newcastle United.

We Are Newcastle United is streaming on Prime Video. Episode 4 is released on Friday, September 1 .