Newborn bawls after discovering her ‘hair and hands on the same day’

This mother’s “poor” baby girl had nobody but herself to blame for her tantrum.

Being a newborn means you’re in a new, distressing, confusing place far from the comfortable womb. Nothing makes sense, and when you’re not even aware you have hands until you’re 2 to 4 months old, well, you’re hands are gonna be kind of freaky.

TikToker @the.nkunims couldn’t help but have mixed feelings about her little one’s tears. On the one hand, seeing your child in agony is awful. But on the other hand, seeing your child throw a fit over innocuous behavior, like accidentally touching her head, is kind of hilarious.

“POV: you find out you have hair and hands of the same day,” the video text read.

The newborn was absolutely over it. She bawled and shrieked — as if she was in intense, excruciating discomfort — and all because she accidentally grabbed her own hair for the first time and couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

“My poor girl, being a baby is so hard. (Disclaimer: she was all smiles again after she let go and got some kisses from mama),” the caption stated.

The video racked up over 2.5 million likes on TikTok.

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“Oh my. So cute and heartbreaking all at the same time,” a user commented. The mom replied, “Isn’t it?! Like in that moment so sad, hate those cries, but for such a funny reason.”

“My baby pulls her hair every day. I’m like girl are you alright?” a mom joked.

“Whatever she’s crying about must be important because my 3-month-old just heard it and immediately started crying too,” another said.

“Me when I’m stressing about scenarios I’m making up in my head,” a person added.

“Why am I laughing at this poor angel?” a TikToker wrote.

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