New Video Alphabetizes Every Single Word in 'Star Wars'

If you thought the world had run out of ways to slice-and-dice the original Star Wars, then reserve some time today to watch this mesmerizing new video that quickly runs through every single word of English dialogue in the movie — alphabetically.

Among the things you’ll learn during the light-speed 43 minute and 5 second clip: That the word “lightsaber” is (incredibly) only uttered once, that there are 11,684 words total, and that hearing the word “force” 22 times in a row can make you feel a little crazy.

Credit the creator Tom Murphy VII for a sense of humor about his semantic mini-masterpiece: He calls the video ARST ARSW (because once you start alphabetizing, it’s hard to stop) and notes on the YouTube page that he used the 2004 Special Edition for the experiment to “troll Han-shot-first purists.”

Murphy, a computer science PhD from Carnegie Mellon, tells Yahoo Movies that it took him about 30 hours to tag all of the words. As for his inspiration, he emails: “I woke up a few weekends ago with the idea in my head…. Once I started it was much longer and slower than I expected, but true art requires patience!” A sentiment Obi-Wan would surely approve of.