Netflix's 'The Woman in the Window' ends with a major twist. Here's a breakdown of exactly what happens.

amy adams fred hechinger woman in the window
Amy Adams and Fred Hechinger. Netflix
  • Netflix's "The Woman in the Window" focuses on Anna, an agoraphobic child psychologist with trauma.

  • At the end of the movie, Anna (Amy Adams) makes a shocking discovery about her neighbor.

  • Here's exactly what happened during the film's dramatic finale - major spoilers ahead.

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Netflix's new thriller "The Woman in the Window" is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by AJ Finn (the pseudonym of author Dan Mallory).

Starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, and Anthony Mackie, the long-delayed movie follows agoraphobic child psychologist Anna Fox (Adams) after she witnesses a brutal crime occur across the street from her home.

But the film, like the novel, often throws Anna's reliability as a narrator into question, and viewers are left to wonder if the murder she witnessed actually happened at all.

In the movie's shocking conclusion, however, Anna's credibility is validated, and she makes a shocking discovery about the young boy, Ethan (Fred Hechinger), who lives across the street from her.

Here's exactly what happened during the final twist in "The Woman in the Window." Warning: major spoilers ahead.

amy adams julianne moore the woman in the window
Amy Adams as Anna and Julianne Moore as Katie/Jane. Netflix

After finding a picture of 'Jane' on her phone, Anna realizes that she didn't imagine their interaction - or Jane's murder

For much of the movie, Anna tries to convince others that she and a woman named "Jane Russell" (Moore)- who lives across the street from her - met one night, and that she later saw "Jane" get murdered.

But Anna's credibility is called into question after it's revealed that she struggles with substance abuse and a tremendous amount of guilt over the deaths of her husband and daughter in an accident.

However, just as she's finally admitted that she imagined their encounter, Anna finds a picture she took from their evening together, with "Jane" reflected in a wine glass. This proves her version of reality is correct, and that "Jane" really does exist.

David arrives at the brownstone, and reveals to Anna that the 'Jane' she met is actually a woman named Katie

Soon after she makes her bombshell discovery, Anna's tenant David (Wyatt Russell) arrives back at the house to pick up some things. As they talk, David reveals to Anna that the woman she knows as "Jane" is actually named Katie, and that she spent the night at David's apartment after having sex with him.

He also reveals that Katie is Ethan's birth mom - and she posed as "Jane Russell" (Ethan's adopted mother, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) the night she visited Anna. According to David, Katie was a drug addict during her pregnancy, and was unable to take care of Ethan after his birth. The Russells then found Ethan and legally adopted him.

David tells Anna that Katie had desperately been trying to get back in touch with Ethan, which is what brought her to New York (and Anna's doorstep).

woman in the window bryan tyree henry netflix
Bryan Tyree Henry, Adams, Gary Oldman, and Jeanine Serralles. Netflix

Unbeknownst to David and Anna, Ethan has been eavesdropping on their conversation

After revealing all of this to Anna, David leaves, but a mysterious noise catches Anna's attention. Ethan then steps out from the shadows, and explains that he'd been sneaking into Anna's home for the past week, and overheard the entire conversation she had with David.

Ethan confirms David's version of events and tells Anna that he stabbed David just now - in retaliation for David sleeping with his mother and getting her "worked up." Anna then learns that Ethan was the one who killed Katie, not his adopted father Alistair (Oldman), which is what Anna originally thought had happened.

Ethan was sick of Katie "bothering" him, he tells Anna, which is why he stabbed her - only he wasn't expecting Anna to see the murder, and now has to tie up loose ends by killing her as well.

Ethan plans to kill Anna and make her and David's deaths look like a murder-suicide

Ethan reveals himself to be a murderous psychopath who enjoys watching people die - he even killed one of his adoptive father's coworkers just to watch her final few minutes of suffering.

Since he'd been lurking in Anna's home for some time, Ethan knows that she was planning on committing suicide before discovering the picture of "Jane"/Katie on her phone. He now tells Anna that he wants her to go through with her plan to overdose on pills and alcohol, and that he'll be there to watch her die.

Ethan even explains that he'll use her suicide video as "proof" of her mental state, thereby staging the crime scene to look like Anna killed David and then herself.

the woman in the window amy adams
Anna narrowly escapes from the real killer in the film's twisty conclusion. Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix

But Anna is able to flee to the roof and escape Ethan for good

Anna pretends to take a sip of her drug-laced wine, only to smash the bottle against Ethan's face. She uses this distraction to run away from him to the roof, but slips on David's body in the hallway.

As Ethan catches up to her, he's tripped by David, who's somehow still alive. Ethan turns to finish David off, causing a horrified Anna to run to the roof.

Ethan and Anna, whose agoraphobia has dominated most of the film, have a final confrontation on the roof. After being stabbed in the face with a gardening trowel, Anna manages to push Ethan onto a fragile skylight, causing him to fall through the glass to his death.

She ends up surviving her ordeal with Ethan and being vindicated by the police, who initially dismissed her claims about Katie's murder.

The film concludes with Anna selling her house and adjusting to normal life again.

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