Netflix's new number 1 movie is a thriller that's polarizing viewers


This September, Netflix subscribers were truly spoilt for choice with content, from the live-action One Piece adaptation to the new heart-melting rom-com Love at First Sight – but one film that shot right up to number 1 on its first day of release is Nowhere.

Directed by Albert Pintó, the Spanish thriller follows a heavily pregnant young woman named Mia who, in the process of fleeing a totalitarian country, illegally boards a shipping container on a ferry. At sea, a violent storm knocks the container overboard, trapping Mia inside. While being thrashed around by the ocean, Mia goes into active labor and must fight to save her and her baby's life.

With such an adrenaline-inducing storyline that tackles very real-world issues, it is no surprise that Netflix subscribers have been hitting play on this one, however, it seems that not everyone agrees, with Pinto’s flick getting a lot of mixed reviews from critics online and mustering up a 57% score on rotten tomatoes.

Film critic Teo Bugbee from the New York Times wrote "It's hard to care about Mía's efforts to survive when coincidence drives the plot, and the production looks and feels cheap." Another critic followed up stating that the immigration-centered plotline has "nothing of note" to say about society. One even went as far as to say that the many plotholes and bad directing decisions were covered up by good-looking cast members.

But the reviews are not all bad, Youtuber Chris Joyce said: "This is a nail-biting and claustrophobic drama that uses the minimalism of its setting to deliver a massive amount of unease." Another added that Nowhere is the perfect movie for those who cannot stomach typical horror movies but still want to watch an exciting, heart-racing thriller.

Nowhere is available to watch now on Netflix. For more check out our list of 50 best Netflix movies to watch right now.