Netflix top 10 movies — here’s the 3 worth watching right now

 Blake Lively in A Simple Favor movie (2018).
Blake Lively in A Simple Favor movie (2018).

The Netflix top 10 has been rather static in recent weeks with the same handful of flicks taking the top spots for several days. But that’s finally changing as new movies are making their way into this ever-rotating ranking of the films drawing the most attention from subscribers.

The Netflix most-watched list is a great place to start when you’re looking for something to watch on the streaming service, but just because a movie ranks high, doesn’t guarantee its quality. Case in point, the truly terrible comic book movie “Madame Web” is currently the No.1 Netflix movie, and as somebody who suffered through it in theaters, I strongly advise you to skip it.

To help you find the gems, I’m picking out the movies in the Netflix top 10 that are worthy of your viewing time. This list includes a twisting mystery thriller, an AI-focused action movie and a family feature that is bursting with color and musical numbers. There’s something for everybody here.

This article is based on the Netflix top 10 as of 6:45 a.m. ET on Wednesday, May 22. And if you want even more top films that you can stream right now, check out our list of the 9 new movies to stream this week including “Dune Part Two” and “Atlas".

Best movies in the Netflix top 10

‘A Simple Favor’ (2018)

A twisting crime thriller, with a comedic element, in “A Simple Favor” Anna Kendrick plays Stephanie, a widowed single mom who runs a crafts and cooking vlog. When she befriends the glamorous mother of her son’s classmate, Emily (Blake Lively), the two instantly connect despite their differences. However, when Emily mysteriously disappears without a trace, it’s up to Stephanie to investigate. Along the way, she learns surprising secrets and discovers that Emily’s perfect lifestyle isn’t quite as flawless as it appears.

Directed by Paul Feig, “A Simple Favor” is a seriously fun movie. It offers uncomplicated thrills with a compelling mystery at its core. The performances from Kendrick and Lively are also excellent, and anybody with an eye for fashion will appreciate the costuming too. If you’re looking for a thriller that swaps broadening darkness for a more vibrant color palette, “A Simple Favour” is a great option. Plus, now’s the time to watch with a sequel coming.

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‘Thelma the Unicorn’ (2024)

Made in the same mold as Illumination’s “Sing" franchise, “Thelma the Unicorn” is an animated comedy with a musical twist based on the children’s book series by Aaron Blabey. It’s the perfect pick if you need a movie that will keep the little ones entertained, but with a toe-tapping soundtrack, you might find slightly older viewers singing along as well.

The Netflix original movie centers on the eponymous Thelma, a pony with wild dreams of becoming a famous singer. After blowing a big audition, the mare gets her shot at fame when she’s mistaken for a glitter-covered unicorn and quickly rises to global stardom. But her new life of fame, fortune and glitzy lights comes at a high cost as the pony begins to realize that hiding your true self isn’t so easy after all. “Thelma the Unicorn” includes the voice talents of Brittany Howard, Will Forte, Fred Armisen and Zach Galifianakis.

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‘Upgrade’ (2018)

Set in a cyberpunk dystopian future, Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) is an auto mechanic who is left paralyzed in hospital after a brutal mugging that also sees his beloved wife murdered. When a billionaire inventor offers Grey an A.I. implant called STEM that will restore his body, and give him upgraded abilities, he sets out on a blood-soaked quest to get revenge on the thugs who ruined his life, but can this artificial intelligence be fully controlled?

“Upgrade” is a slickly crafted action movie that packs a surprising amount of brains along with its impressive brawn. The A.I.-focused story feels increasingly topical, and dark humor is used to great effect. If you want an action movie that will keep you enthralled from start to finish, and get your adrenaline spiking, “Upgrade” is the Netflix movie for you. Just be prepared to overlook some slightly ropey effects due to the movie’s relatively modest budget.

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Netflix top 10 movies right now

  1. "Madame Web" (2024)

  2. "A Simple Favor" (2018)

  3. "Thelma the Unicorn" (2024)

  4. "Upgrade" (2018)

  5. "Mother of the Bride" (2024)

  6. "Shrek" (2001)

  7. "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" (2023)

  8. "Dumb and Dumber To" (2014)

  9. "Anyone But You" (2023)

  10. "Shrek Forever After" (2010)

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