Netflix sets Sweet Tooth season 3 return date for the post-apocalyptic series’ final chapter

 A still from Netflix's Sweet Tooth series of two people sat in front of a plane.
A still from Netflix's Sweet Tooth series of two people sat in front of a plane.
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Sweet Tooth, the award-winning show that follows the epic, post-apocalyptic adventures of part-deer boy Gus, will come to an end in equally epic fashion this June. The third and final season of the show will start streaming from June 6 on Netflix and there will be eight episodes in all.

According to showrunner Jim Mickle: "In a lot of ways, it’s exactly the story that I imagined we would tell, and in a lot of ways it takes on its own life." Over the 24 episodes of the three seasons "the characters themselves tell you what they want to be. The crew and cast bring so much depth and point of view to who the characters are and where they’ve come from and where they’re going”.

So where are they going in this third season? Watch the first teaser trailer below for an early sneak peek of what's in store.

What's the plot of Sweet Tooth season three?

The first season of the post-apocalyptic series began in an isolated home in Yellowstone and followed Gus and his companion Jepperd on their travels to Colorado, and in the second season they returned to Yellowstone before heading onwards to Alaska in search of Gus's mother, Birdie.

The third season picks up the story from there, with a new threat in the from of Helen Zhang (Rosalind Chao), her daughter Rosie (Kelly Marie Tran), and the Wolf Boys. You can tell by the name that the Wolf Boys are not going to be cute and cuddly types; they want to restart human birth and believe Gus is the key to their plans, whether he wants to help them or not.

Speaking to Netflix's Tudum, Mackie said that it's "another road trip story like season one, but in a very different way". It'll definitely be chillier: "Season three is an arctic story with exciting new adventures and what we hope will be a satisfying conclusion to this epic tale. Gus is going to see a side of the world and humanity that he didn’t see in season one or two.”

Mackie says that this new season is going to be considerably darker than the first two. "Everybody is dealing with some kind of wound or emotional loss, whether that was somebody in their life or a part of themselves," he explains. "Everybody is looking inward and looking to move on and ultimately learning that life doesn’t stop. You have to keep putting one foot in front of another.”

According to exec producers Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell, "tension is high": Downey says that "the ticking clock of 'can they achieve their gal before it's too late?' is ratcheted up," while Burrell adds that "it just keeps amping up".

Season three of Sweet Tooth will be available on Netflix from June 6, 2024.

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