Netflix is losing a beloved sitcom in just two weeks — watch it while you can

 The main cast of Community.
The main cast of Community.

There are shows joining and leaving Netflix all the time, but the streaming giant is losing one show whose loss will be felt particularly hard, because it's become a cult classic among sitcom fans.

On Saturday, March 30 — that's exactly two weeks from the time of publication — Netflix UK will be removing Community, which is currently one of the best Netflix shows you can enjoy.

Community follows seven members of a US community college who become a study group and, over time, friends. The impressive ensemble consists of Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi and Chevy Chase, all comedy heavyweights in their own rights, with Ken Jeong, Jim Rash and John Oliver also part of the recurring cast.

After debuting in 2009, Community initially struggled in the ratings, but it eventually created a cult following thanks to its zany humor, meta-humor and surprising amount of heart. In fact, a Community movie is in the works at the moment for US streamer Peacock, and fans of the show can't wait. The show also won loads of accolades including Primetime Emmys and Critics' Choice awards.

If you haven't seen Community yet: firstly, what's been keeping you? Secondly, it's not actually that long a TV show, with just over 100 20-minute episodes (and that's counting the divisive sixth season, which you can probably skip). According to Bingeclock  you can watch the whole thing in two days and seven hours if you watch the episodes back to back, or over the course of two weeks by just watching eight episodes each day (a very easy task!).

If you've seen Community, then you might want to take this as notice to re-watch the show while it's still on Netflix, as it's a really popular binge-watch for people who like to re-watch the same shows again and again and again.

There's no news on what will become of Community once it leaves Netflix, so watch it while you can. If you miss it, you can use our list of the best comedies on Netflix to find something to stream instead, but it won't quite be Community.