New Netflix K-Drama The Whirlwind Reveals Release Date & Cast

The Whirlwind
The Whirlwind (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s upcoming K-drama, The Whirlwind, revealed its release date and cast in a recent post. With this series, screenwriter Park Kyung-Soo returns with another highly anticipated drama after seven years. Directed by Kim Yong-Wan, the first look of the drama is already gaining a lot of attention.

The storyline of the K-drama revolves around a prime minister who decides to assassinate the president. On the other hand, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs tries to sabotage his plans while taking the powers into her own hands. Sul Kyung-Gu plays the Prime Minister’s role as Park Dong-Ho, while Kim Hee-Ah portrays Jung Soo-Jin, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs. As they come face-to-face, a new war stirs up in the political world.

The Whirlwind on Netflix: Kim Hee-Ae, Sul Kyung-Gu to lead the series

Netflix dropped a teaser video clip along with two new posters revealing the release date and the cast. In one of the images, the president is lying down with a caption that says, “On that day, the president’s heart stopped.” Beside him, broken glass pieces can be seen, which adds to the further curiosity among the viewers to know what actually happened. The clip also shows the Prime Minister, Park Dong-Ho, confessing, “I murdered the president.”

Furthermore, the intense sequences between Park Dong-Ho and Jung Soo-Jin are attracting the audience’s attention more. The whole series is about evil vs. evil. While the prime minister decides to kill the president to eradicate corruption, the deputy prime minister decides to foil his plan and take over greater power. In the trailer clip, Jung Soo-Jin (Kim Hee-Ah) says, “The strong overcomes the right. That’s how politics is.”

This K-drama revolving around politics is coming on everyone’s way to shake up the belief. The Whirlwind will premiere on June 28, 2024, on Netflix. Stay tuned for more updates.

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