Netflix Films Boss Plans to Make Less Movies Annually, Discusses Strike Impact

Netflix Films
Netflix Films
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Netflix is planning to dial back on the number of original films they make each year.

Speaking with Variety, Scott Stuber, the chairman of Netflix Films, explained the company’s plans to begin reducing the number of original movies being released each year. Years ago, Stuber announced that Netflix would be releasing at least one new movie every week, equating to over 50 a year.

“That was a reaction to the competition,” Stuber said. “How do we make sure that our consumer who’s used to a lot feels like there’s a lot? It was difficult. And as I’ve said many a time, there are not 70 great ideas on the planet for a movie. So it really was like, “OK, let’s get back to a place.” So to me, I don’t want a prescriptive number anymore. I really want what is the best version of that and great is always perceived in all of our minds what that thing may be, but perception is really in the reality of what that is. So it could be a teen comedy. If it’s a teen comedy, make Superbad, make American Pie, make the best version of that thing I’ve ever seen. If it’s a drama, make Boogie Nights, make Goodfellas.”

A separate article by Variety says Netflix’s goals are now to make between 25 to 30 films a year.

Scott Stuber discusses the actors strike’s impact at Netflix

In regards to the SAG-AFTRA strike — which officially ended at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, November 9, 2023 — Stuber said some projects might be delayed; however, there will still be plenty of new Netflix releases for the foreseeable future.

“There’ll be some things next year just in terms of delays in some of our television and film stuff,” he explained. “But we’re lucky that as a global company, we make stories from all over, so we have a lot of storytelling [from] around the world that has continued. We’re also different in terms of the way we do it compared to a traditional studio, there’s also a big licensing component to it. So in the film offering, so much of what I’m doing is looking at all the components of the live-action teams, the documentary team, the animation team and then also the licensing team, who works with me as well. So we can actually keep a full slate of storytelling for our audience.”

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