Netflix to fans: Don't be like Bullock, avoid viral 'Bird Box' Challenge

Sorry, Drake, but the #KiKiChallenge is soooo 2018. People around the world are ringing in the new year with a whole new Twitter competition: the #BirdBoxChallenge. Named after the Sandra Bullock-led thriller that’s setting viewing records on Netflix, this challenge requires willing participants to don a blindfold like the Gravity star models in the film and try to do totally normal things. Unlike Bullock, of course, they don’t have the threat of a mysterious airborne threat driving them crazy should they accidentally peep through the blindfold while walking the dog or cooking a meal.

Nevertheless, ordinary hazards — like wipeouts or bumps on the head — await anyone who dons a blindfold while doing activities that generally require sight. And since Netflix isn’t … ahem, blind to that issue, the streaming service just issued a stern warning via Twitter making it clear that they’re not endorsing this particular Bird Box meme.

Frankly, Bullock herself could educate would-be contestants on the perils of moving through the world with a piece of cloth over your face. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, the actress reveals that she spent much of Bird Box running into the camera operator wielding the Steadicam. “I clipped the camera a couple times,” Bullock says, adding, “We drew blood once.” (Watch her full comments below.)

If anything, Bullock’s words of warning — as well as Netflix’s Tweet — are probably going to inspire more folks to accept the Bird Box Challenge in the hopes of achieving viral immortality. They’ve got plenty of competition in that department already; here are some of the best challenge attempts we’ve seen so far.

Hey, Netflix: You may not be into the Twitter version of this meme. But hear us out here: what about a “Bird Box Challenge” episode of Nailed It? You’re welcome.

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