Netflix circles back to Chris Evans’ “trash ’stache” in new clip from The Gray Man

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Netflix releases full clip of "trash 'stache" scene from The Gray Man
Netflix releases full clip of "trash 'stache" scene from The Gray Man

Chris Evans as Lloyd in The Gray Man

Netflix knows you loved that trash ’stache moment from The Gray Man trailer, and it wants to give you more. Like, literally more of that same exact scene. That’s what you wanted, right? Right?

Let’s be honest, besides a stacked cast and Russo Brothers bonafides, there wasn’t a lot in the trailer to distinguish The Gray Man from other, similar action-packed assassin thrillers. But one thing that immediately captured the imagination was Chris Evans’ mustache, and Ryan Gosling’s amusing observation of the aforementioned ’stache: “It leans Lloyd.”

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As part of its Geeked Week event, the streamer released the full, testosterone-fueled version of the scene, which is much as you’d expect from the abbreviated version in the trailer. A generous interpretation would be that Netflix is simply rewarding the positive fan response with the clip. A more cynical perspective would be that this is one of those “giving away the only good line in the trailer” scenarios, which does not bode well for The Gray Man.

Seriously, the marketing campaign for the film has become very facial hair heavy: Netflix is even selling replicas of it on its website, encouraging fans (of an unreleased film) to “Get the mustache everyone’s talking about!” The “limited-edition, hand-crafted art piece” is, per the item’s description, “A must have!”

Still, we’re happy for Evans, who is clearly having a ball as a sleazy villain in this new clip (he gets to call Gosling both “sunshine” and “pumpkin” in this less-than-two-minute excerpt). Boilerplate action flick or not, there’s an undeniable pleasure in seeing these two snark at each other. Plus, the extended scene features Ana de Armas wielding a dart gun and bossing Gosling around, which is another point in its favor.

We’ll see if The Gray Man has more going for it than what’s on Evans’ upper lip when the film hits theaters on July 15 and Netflix on July 22.