Netflix asks users to stop calling Ted Bundy 'hot'

Ted Bundy (Credit: AP)
Ted Bundy (Credit: AP)

Netflix has noticed that some of its users are a bit hot under the collar regarding prolific serial murderer Ted Bundy.

And quite rightly, it’s calling time on it.

The streaming service recently released documentary series Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, coming hot on the heels of the first look at Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the new movie starring Zac Efron as Bundy.

Zac Efron and Bundy (Credit: USA Today)
Zac Efron and Bundy (Credit: USA Today)

Both have been accompanied by remarks on social media noting Bundy’s handsomeness, uncomfortably coupled with the fact that Bundy was a kidnapper, rapist and murderer, who confessed to 30 homicides – though the actual number he killed could be considerably higher.

Netflix tweeted:

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which is currently on the bill at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, unveiled its trailer earlier this week, to some disquiet among film fans.

Many noted its jarring rock soundtrack, which appears to cast Bundy as something of a cool customer, romanticising the horror behind what he did.

They also asked, with that in mind, how wise it was to cast a former teen heartthrob in the role.

Some critics agreed, The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon saying: “While there is opportunity, even a responsibility, to explore the macabre charisma and ensuing fame that erected the tent around the Ted Bundy circus… Extremely Wicked fails to offer any broader context, any exploration into how that played into his murder spree, or even any other insight into Bundy and his psyche aside from his narcissistic desire for attention, and talent for grabbing it.”

However, others were more charitable.

In Cosmopolitan, Emily Tannenbaum wrote: “Yes, from the eyes of a lover, we see the charming side of Bundy he was truly famous for, but there’s an undercurrent of creep-factor that, without spoiling the film, is the cause of a well placed, shocking twist. Never is there any doubt Bundy did what he was accused of. The entire film begs the question: if you were in bed with a monster, would you know it?”

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