Netflix Is Adapting Agatha Christie's 'The Seven Dials Mystery'

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Netflix Is Adapting 'The Seven Dials Mystery'netflix

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Another Agatha Christie adaptation is in the works, and we can't wait.

This time, it's Netflix who is taking on the Queen of Crime, with a brand-new adaptation of The Seven Dials Mystery, written by Chris Chibnall, who created Broadchurch. "Agatha Christie's storytelling has been thrilling mystery lovers for generations but there is still more for us to explore for audiences at Netflix," Anne Mensah, Netflix's VP of UK content, said in a statement.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming show:

It's adapted from Agatha Christie's novel.

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The Seven Dials Mystery


"A practical joke goes chillingly, murderously wrong," reads the official description of The Seven Dials Mystery, first published in 1929. "Gerry Wade had proved himself to be a champion sleeper, so the other houseguests decided to play a practical joke on him. Eight alarm clocks were set to go off, one after the other, starting at 6:30 a.m. But when morning arrived, one clock was missing and the prank then backfired, with tragic consequences."

Christie's great-grandson James Prichard will executive produce the show alongside Suzanne Mackie (of The Crown) and Chris Sussman (of Good Omens). Prichard said, "Bundle Brent is one of my great-grandmother’s raft of interesting, humorous, sharp, young female characters. To see her brought to life through the words of Chris Chibnall and this production with Orchid Pictures and Netflix is a dream come true. I think viewers will love this world that we have created, and hope for more."

Mia McKenna-Bruce will star.

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"Chris Chibnall's scripts are brilliant, and I am thrilled to be part of this new interpretation of the iconic Agatha Christie’s storytelling," McKenna-Bruce said in a statement.

Here's who's who in The Seven Dials Mystery so far:

  • Mia McKenna Bruce will play Lady Eileen "Bundle" Brent

  • Helena Bonham Carter will play Lady Caterham

  • Martin Freeman will play Superintendent Battle

The Seven Dials Mystery will be a three-part series.

Filming is expected to begin this summer; no premiere date has been set yet. We'll update this as soon as we learn more.

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