Nerds Candy and Dungeons & Dragons Join Forces for Epic Snacking and Gaming Experience

Has there ever been a more perfect pairing than Nerds and Dungeons & Dragons?

The iconic candy and the classic fantasy tabletop role-playing game are joining forces for the first time for an epic collaboration that will find Nerds characters playing part of their own D&D game.

Here's how it works. From now until December 2021, fans who purchase special D&D-branded boxes of Nerds Gummy Clusters or Rainbow Nerds will be able to get access to an exclusive campaign called "Restoring Harmony" within the legendary world of Dungeons & Dragons.

All they have to do, according to a press release, is upload their receipt to They'll get them "a single PDF adventure and character sheet "that can be run in under an hour by a Dungeon Master and one player taking on the role of a Nerds character starting at level one."

Each uploaded receipt will give access to more Nerds character sheets and adventures.

Nerds x Dungeons & Dragons
Nerds x Dungeons & Dragons


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There are six different characters in the "Restoring Harmony" event, each representing a different Nerds personality: Curiosity, Creativity, Spontaneity, Deep Thinking, Logic and Humor.

"And this time, each will be transformed into iconic Dungeons & Dragons classes," the press release states.

Once all six have been played, a seventh upload will unlock the final adventure in the story, showing on how each of the Nerds characters need to join forces and become better together.

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Nerds x Dungeons & Dragons
Nerds x Dungeons & Dragons


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"NERDS encourages everyone to celebrate how we're all better together, a philosophy shared with the legendary Dungeons & Dragons," Joey Rath, brand manager for NERDS Candy at Ferrara, said in a statement. "We're excited for fans to get their hands on this partnership's collectable packaging, unleash their imaginations and embark on a NERDS-themed D&D journey while snacking on their favorite candy pieces."

"I can personally say my D&D sessions are better together with NERDS candy at the table. We are thrilled to partner with NERDS on their new packaging and the release of seven custom mini D&D adventures", Dungeons & Dragons' brand manager Shelly Mazzanoble said. "The NERDS brand strongly celebrates individuality and the idea that we can be better together, like a D&D party, and we couldn't think of better ally to help spread the importance of those qualities."

In addition to the game, fans are also able qualify for a chance to win several prizes including the D&D Starter Set, D&D Essentials Kit, Players Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide. For full info and to become elligible, visit the sweepstakes' official website.