Neo-western family dramas like 'Yellowstone' and Hallmark's 'Ride' are having a moment — and 'Ride' star Beau Mirchoff thinks he might know why

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  • Speaking to Insider, "Ride" star Beau Mirchoff reflected on Sunday's season one finale.

  • He also shared his thoughts on why neo-westerns are having a moment on TV right now.

  • Mirchoff also discussed the future of the McMurray family's love lives.

"Ride" star Beau Mirchoff has been thinking about why people are so into neo-westerns lately, and he has a theory.

In a conversation with Insider ahead of Sunday's season finale, Mirchoff, who plays bearded cowboy Cash McMurray on the Hallmark drama, reflected on the popularity of shows like "Ride" and the Paramount mega-hit "Yellowstone," which is similarly centered on a family ranch. According to the actor, it may be all about craving a return to an earlier way of life and a desire to be outdoors.

Mirchoff pointed specifically the COVID-19 pandemic, theorizing that viewers might like seeing the "expanse of the outdoors" after spending so much time "inside and sequestered" during quarantine. He also told Insider that he believes we're all gravitating towards a return to the natural world.

Living in "concrete jungles isn't necessarily the most natural thing," Mirchoff said, adding that there's something "really healing" about a return to the basic necessities of living. "I think people love the pace of nature and the lessons learned. I mean, there's a lot you can learn by looking at a river. The simplicity of it all."

The 'Ride' finale had several plot developments that fans — and Mirchoff — hope will be continued in a potential second season

Mirchoff loves the idyllic natural setting of "Ride."David Brown/Hallmark Media

The setting might be simple, but there's nothing quite so easy about Cash's journey.

When Cash returns to the McMurrays' Colorado ranch at the start of the series, he has to face the harsh reality that his family might be losing their home. Suddenly, he feels the pressure to live up to the reputation his late brother, Austin (Marcus Rosner), had on the bull-riding circuit. Plus, he can no longer ignore his feelings for Austin's widow, Missy McMurray (Tiera Skovbye).

The first season ends with Cash's life still in disarray. Bailed out of jail by shady businessman/criminal Tucker Clarke (Roger LeBlanc) in exchange for throwing a major competition that would establish Cash as a bull-riding contender, Cash makes the deal but changes his mind at the last minute when a random draw determines he would be riding Hurricane, the bull that killed his brother.

Cash wins the battle with the bull and even shares a kiss with Missy toward the end of the finale, but he doesn't get the girl. Or at least, not yet. Missy chooses to revive her career in trick-riding horses instead of picking between Cash and another suitor.

It's a choice that Mirchoff said would be "exciting" to see Missy explore in a potential season two of "Ride."

Beau Mirchoff and Tiera Skovbye on "Ride."
Beau Mirchoff and Tiera Skovbye on "Ride."David Brown/Hallmark Media

There are plenty of other cliffhangers to explore if the show is renewed, like the big reveal that Cash's dead brother Austin had a secret love child. But Mirchoff has pretty straightforward hopes for what we'll see for Cash in season two. He told Insider he really wants Cash "to keep striving after the bull-riding and see maybe how far he can take it." And of course, he, like most viewers, wants "more ranch stuff."

"I love seeing the ranch life and Cash's relationship to nature and how the family keeps the ranch afloat," Mirchoff said.

"Ride" season one is currently streaming on Peacock.

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