NeNe Leakes Speaks on Lawsuit From Boyfriend's Wife Over Alleged Affair: 'Ain’t Nobody Out Here Stealing Husbands'

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NeNe Leakes has found herself involved in another legal dispute—though this time, she isn’t the accuser.

Page Six reports that the estranged wife of Leakes’ new boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Leakes for “alienation of affections” and “criminal conversation.” Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh says Leakes and Sioh had an affair while he was still married, which led to the wedded couple’s separation.

Leakes and Sioh publicized their relationship in late 2021, when on Dec. 15, she posted photos of them celebrating her birthday. Tehmeh-Sioh claims she and Sioh officially separated on Dec. 17.

Leakes has since replied to Tehmeh-Sioh’s allegations, saying in an Instagram Live video, per TMZ, “I’m already out here a husband stealer and this is too much. And ain’t nobody out here stealing husbands. Are they? I would never.” She continued, “Nobody wants to steal nobody else’s problems, honey.”

Leakes also seemingly responded by posting a video of her with Sioh on her IG Stories soundtracked to the Muni Long song “Hrs & Hrs,” captioning it, “yours, mine, ours.”

In Tehmeh-Sioh’s lawsuit, she claims Leakes and Sioh “engaged in an ongoing romantic, uninhibited, and adulterous affair without the knowledge or consent” of Tehmeh-Sioh, and that Nyonisela “repeatedly lied to [her] about his whereabouts.” The lawsuit also says that seeing Leakes and Sioh in “intimate pictures” on social media together was an “embarrassment” and a “disgrace.”

Tehmeh-Sioh and Sioh got married on Nov. 10, 2016, and share an 11-year-old son Nyoni. Prior to Leakes’ relationship with Sioh, the 54-year-old The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum was married to Gregg Leakes, who died from colon cancer three months prior to her relationship with Sioh.

“I will love Gregg forever and ever! Grieving is hard! Even harder and depressing alone,” she reportedly told the Shade Room in December. “Gregg and I had a very tearful conversation before his passing. His words to me were, ‘Be happy, keep smiling, and he who finds you has found a good one.’”

In April, Leakes filed a lawsuit against her former boss Andy Cohen and Bravo for accusations of racism during production of RHOA. Leakes appeared on the show for the first seven seasons and returned for Seasons 10-12. After claiming she wasn’t asked to return for Season 13, she asked fans to boycott Bravo.

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