NeNe Leakes Refuses to Work for President Trump

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Apprentice star NeNe Leakes stopped by the Clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Andy asked, “Have you heard anything from your Celebrity Apprentice boss, Mr. Trump, since he’s become president?” NeNe said that she had not and seemed surprised when Andy brought up the idea that Trump would offer her a position in the White House.

This wasn’t the first time NeNe had been asked to help make America great again. Back in July, during her visit to Chelsea, NeNe mentioned that Trump’s team had reached out to her. The Real Housewives star said, “They sent me an email and asked me to, like, I think speak or something at one of his, I don’t know, one of his rallies, and I didn’t.”

Now that Donald Trump is officially President Trump, NeNe still feels the same way. When Andy brought up working for Trump, NeNe replied, “How much coins they got, honey?” And when Andy pointed out that it was still Donald writing the checks, NeNe responded with, “Probably won’t be big enough for me this time.”

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