Neil Lane Debuts Tableware Collection at Bed Bath & Beyond: ‘I’m Having So Much Fun With It!’

Alex Apatoff

For over a decade, Neil Lane has served up dazzling diamond engagement rings on ABC’s hit Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises, and for even longer, he’s been the go-to jeweler for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now Lane has set his sights on a new niche: tableware.

“It was a natural, organic progression for me – I wanted to share my creative vision and sense of beauty and design in a new way, while also bringing a touch of glamour to people’s lives,” says Lane, who partnered with Fortessa Tableware Solutions on the collection that will be exclusively available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

“This is my foray out of the world of jewelry and I’m having so much fun with it!” he says.

The collection, featuring dinnerware, flatware and glassware, has been in the works for nearly two years, says Lane, and draws inspiration from old world classics and a mid-century aesthetic reimagined through a contemporary “2020” lens.

“I like the clean lines and simple elegance of mid-century but I also love modern designs and the collection reflects that,” says Lane, who has long dabbled in multiple forms of creative expression.

“In addition to designing jewelry, I paint, I make wallpaper, I design china, I built my house,” he says. “I was excited to get to work on this and have a voice in a bigger market.”

Crucial to Lane was incorporating his passion and background in jewelry design and love for gem stones and, of course, diamonds. “There’s a subtle nod to jewel tones in the color palette,” he says of the blush, ivory, white and stone-hued pieces.

In fact, the dinnerware collection is called Trilliant, an homage to a gemstone cut. What’s more, both the dinnerware and flatware feature a similar tiny-beaded millegrain design found on many of Lane’s platinum rings.

“It’s a subtle pattern and decorative element that hearkens back to jewelry, and makes the pieces more interesting,” he says. “I wanted to translate my vision and make it accessible, affordable and both glamorous and usable for every day.”

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While Lane collaborated with Fortessa and visited Bed Bath & Beyond to get a sense of the vision for the display (his fave Bed Bath & Beyond item? A recently-purchased food scale), he also couldn’t help but get feedback from his Bachelor buddies along the way.

Courtesy Neil Lane
Courtesy Neil Lane

“I admit I asked [Bachelorette’s] Rachel [Lindsay] whether she and [fiancé] Bryan [Abasolo] would register for Neil Lane [tableware] and she said, ‘Absolutely’, so that was encouraging!” he says. “I figured I do rings for couples beginning their lives together, why not do china for them too? They can toast Champagne in my flutes!”

Most of all, Lane, whose new book, Style Your Wedding with Neil Lane, hits shelves in October, is grateful for the array of creative opportunities. “I don’t take any of these things for granted and I’m really proud of this,” he says.