Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Son Throws Shade at Steve Harvey on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

Long before he was doling out questionable medical advice on television, Dr. Oz played college football. On $100,000 Pyramid, Dr. Oz revealed the nickname his coaches gave him, and something about it gives one the impression they weren’t too impressed with his play.

Dr. Oz on $100,000 Pyramid
Dr. Oz on $100,000 Pyramid. (Photo: ABC)

On Jeopardy, Alex Trebek returned to his bullying ways. A contestant who was in the marching band at Ohio State said that she’d marched on ice. Trebek thought maybe she meant she’d marched on Lake Erie, but no. She had marched on ice in a hockey rink during intermission of a game.

“Oh. All right. That doesn’t sound like anything special,” Trebek responded.

And finally, on Celebrity Family Feud, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son, Travis, hit Steve Harvey where it hurts. Travis has quite the head of hair and Harvey made the mistake of complimenting him on it. Travis took the opportunity to take a shot at Harvey’s bald head.

Watch Steve Harvey get his tie stolen by a pickpocket on Little Big Shots: Forever Young:

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