NBCUniversal Working With Google, LiveRamp To Use First Party-Data for Personalized CTV Ads

 LiveRamp logo on phone.
LiveRamp logo on phone.

NBCUniversal said it is working with Google and LiveRamp to deliver more effective personalized commercials on connected TV.

NBCU is implementing Google’s Display & Video 360 Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) system, which enables it to make its own first-party data more compatible with data from clients.

NBCU would be the first major CTV provider using PAIR live later this quarter.

With PAIR, marketers will be able to use LiveRamp’s clean room to target customers with relevant ads, without using third-party signals. In a early study, marketers saw a four-times increase in conversion rate working with Google DV 360’s PAIR and LiveRamp.

“Helping our advertisers mitigate signal loss in their approaches is critical, but what makes this a transformative proposition is with Google and LiveRamp, we’re able to help marketers drive better results today,” Ryan McConville, executive VP, ad platforms, NBCUniversal, said. “There’s no need to compromise between privacy and performance: in addition to improving performance, we’re excited to help our advertisers leverage this privacy-focused solution as the ecosystem continues to build towards one that is better for consumers.”

LiveRamp is working with Display & Video 360, as well as publishers and advertisers around the world, on the rollout of PAIR.