NBA Star Kevin Garnett Settles Custody Case, Will Pay Child Support

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Necat Akman, the woman accusing Kevin Garnett of fathering her child has been vindicated. Garnett will pay up!

Kevin Garnett Is A Father Of Two, Officially

Kevin Garnett arriving at apos Jimmy Kimmel Live apos

In documents exclusively obtained by The Blast, the basketball player is formally acknowledging that the little girl, who will be three years old this year, Naya Garnett is his daughter. Kevin signed his name to a statement that reads, "I hereby acknowledge that I am the biological father of the child named above."


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The child will remain in New York with her mother and Necat will have sole legal custody and primary physical custody of Naya. Kevin will have visitation with the child, which is something that will be worked out at a later date.

How Much Will Kevin Garnett Be Paying?

NBA Star Kevin Garnett's Baby Mama Files For Support For Secret Love Child

The athlete who is already a father to a daughter, Capri with Brandi Padilla initially denied that he was the father of this child but has since changed his tune.

In the legal documents obtained by The Blast, both Necat and Kevin have come to an agreement. "The parties acknowledge and stipulate that they have concurrently executed a separate document entitled Confidential Stipulated Judgment of Uniform Parentage — Custody and Support."

This doc also contained the agreements reached between Kevin and his newly acknowledged baby mama. The document also states that they are “resolving and settling all financial issues between them, including payment of child support, child support add-ons, and attorney's fees and costs.”

Kevin Garnett Was Never In Denial

Former Boston Celtics Championship Team Mates Paul Pierce Seen Lunching With Kevin Garnett At AVRA

Necat shared in the initial report filed in June 2022 that Garnett is fully aware that Naya is his child and this step is really only to have legal documentation in place for the safety and future of their child.

In the initial filing, she states, “(Garnett) and I have signed a voluntary declaration of parentage or paternity regarding the minor children.” However, she needs the court's help in getting Garnett to “provide medical insurance for the minor child, contribute to add-on expenses incurred on behalf of the minor child, including but not limited to uninsured medical expenses, childcare costs relating to her employment, payment of preschool and private school tuition, and extracurricular activities.”

As mentioned above, Necat lives in New York but opted to file her petition in Los Angeles, it seems shady but maybe the choice is because Garnett resides in Los Angeles.

Kevin Garnett Is Spending A Lot

NBA Star Kevin Garnett's Baby Mama Files For Support For Secret Love Child

The father of two also pays about $46,000 in child support for Capri and he was married to Brandi so when the divorce took place, spousal support came into play, $100,000 overall already and she was looking to have her legal fees paid as well.

There goes another $300,000. Meanwhile, the former Celtics player is busy making All-Star selections for 2023. He specifically called out Luka Doncic explaining that he loves the way the young athlete approaches the game.

He can absolutely see the Maverick's player winning MVP. Garnett thinks that the 23-year-old has “figured out the league.”

"He's not afraid of anything in the league. He goes at some of the best defenders the same way and makes them look like they're not that great of defenders. He has a pace, you can't speed him up. And he's figured out the league."