NBA Star Kawhi Leonard Countersued By Nike, Demand Injunction Against Him

NBA star Kawhi Leonard has been hit with a countersuit by Nike who accuse him of violating their deal together, and want a court to grant an injunction against him,

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Nike is demanding Leonard’s lawsuit against them be dismissed. The company then countersued Leonard for using a design they claim to own.

In their response to his lawsuit, they deny all allegations of wrongdoing against Leonard.

Nike filed counter-claims against Leonard in the case. They explain Leonard signed a deal with them in 2011, which expired in September 2018.

During their partnership, Leonard provided them with designs to use on merchandise. They claim to have used one he gave them and sold products he promoted with it. They claim all designs worked on during the contract are owned by them. Further, they claim the Nike team was the one who created the final design used.

Once their deal ended, Nike says they found out about Leonard using the design he gave them on other non-Nike products. They told him that was a breach of their deal but he refused to cease.

They claim he then sued them during the NBA finals and even started hawking the design on clothes during the finals without their permission. Nike is demanding Leonard’s lawsuit against them be dismissed and the court grant a permanent injunction against him from using the design.

Earlier this year, Leonard sued Nike over his logo accusing him of ripping off his work.

In the suit, he claimed that he created a unique logo for himself after he was drafted to the NBA in 2011.

"Leonard traced his notably large hand," the lawsuit stated, "and, inside the hand, drew stylized versions of his initials 'KL' and the number that he had worn for much of his career, '2.'"

He claimed that as part of his endorsement deal with Nike several years later, he "allowed Nike to use on certain merchandise the logo he created while Leonard continued to use the logo on non-Nike goods."

But, he claimed that unbeknownst to him, "Nike filed an application for copyright registration of his logo and falsely represented in the application that Nike had authored the logo."

Kawhi Leonard claims that he wants to use the logo for "clothing lines, footwear and on other products and, among other things, in connection with sports camps and charity functions, but Nike explicitly has objected to such uses."

The NBA star is asking a judge to declare that he is the rightful owner of the logo and to rule that Nike "committed fraud on the Copyright Office in registering the Leonard Logo."

A report in the New York Times last week claimed that the Los Angeles Clippers — who signed Kawhi to a 2-year deal after he became a free agent — attempted to purchase a portion of the rights to Leonard’s signature logo that Nike claims it still owns.