‘A national treasure:’ Readers react to letter to editor dissing Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

Chris O'Meara/AP

Readers respond to a Sept. 30 letter to the editor by St. Louis-area resident John Geimer that described Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as a selfish player. To join the conversation, submit letters of up to 200 words using this form, or emailing letters@kcstar.com.

National treasure

As I’ve watched Patrick Mahomes since he has been a Chief, I have a few takeaways:

He is a great teammate. There is nobody I’d prefer at the podium after a win or a loss than him. In victory, he praises coaches and teammates. In defeat, he takes the blame.

Despite his talents on the football field, his greatest gifts are his adaptability, coachability and humility. He is always willing to change to benefit the team. Although Aaron Rodgers is one of the most talented quarterbacks, in these three areas, Mahomes is on a different level. Just look at what Mahomes did this off-season. Listen to how he talks about his teammates.

For all the Chiefs fan out there, we remember what life was like before Andy Reid. Coach Reid brought us back to relevance. With the foundation Coach Reid set, Mahomes changed the entire ceiling for Chiefs Kingdom. The franchise has been on a completely different trajectory with this combination.

What Mahomes accomplished his first few years in the league was historically great. The standard he set was nearly impossible to match. The media criticize him too much. He is a national treasure.

- Jim Wootton, Springfield, Missouri

Please, no hot takes

I want to thank Mr. Geimer for sharing his important conclusion on Patrick Mahomes as a leader. The community of Kansas City and the 2 million residents of the metropolitan area have spent the past four years asking themselves, “What does John Geimer of Glen Carbon, Illinois, think of Mahomes?” before drawing any firm conclusions. It’s a major relief to us all that you have shared your great insight. Thank you for your service.

To the Editorial Board of The Star, please let Mr. Geimer’s letter (and a host of those preceding it) point you to the realization that “hot takes” on sports have no place in the Opinion section’s Letters to the Editor. That Mr. Geimer’s wisdom would be the first letter alongside three thoughtful perspectives on gun violence, funding the library system and tax abatement for major development projects debases The Star and the paper’s role. Save this section for opinions of community import.

If you feel you must make space for sports hot takes (since they are so difficult to come by on social media), please allot a section of the Sports pages for them.

- Craig Prentiss, Kansas City

Shameful work

You don’t understand your community, readers or the players of the teams you cover. This is a joke of an excuse for behavior to publish the “opinion” about Patrick Mahomes. Publishing this behind the guise of just posting someone’s opinion is weak-spined and destroys what little credibility you might’ve still possessed. You should be ashamed of the staff you work with and your work as editors.

- Blake Isern, Phoenix

Not welcome

Following the Chiefs for the last two years is quite the accomplishment, John. Chiefs Kingdom thanks you. You are dead wrong about No. 15.

Going forward, please do not wear Chiefs gear or identify as a Chiefs fan in your hometown, online or at all. Your services are no longer needed. As an FYI, the Rams won the most recent Super Bowl, so feel free to join their ranks and let actual members of Chiefs Kingdom worry about our team.

- Taylor Curry, Overland Park

Apology needed

Imagine my horror upon logging on to Twitter when I found my fellow Chiefs fans stirred into a frenzy by the KC Star’s clickbait headline which read (in summary) “Patrick Mahomes is a doo-doo head.” I immediately called my boss to take the day off as I needed the time to process that this once slightly above average Midwestern newspaper had debased itself into intentionally stirring up Twitter controversy.

As a child, I recall reading the words of columnist Joe Posnanski, so I am truly disappointed to see what The Star has become. On behalf of Chiefs fans everywhere, I demand you issue an apology to Patrick Mahomes (and me personally), but, of course, none of us will see it behind The Star’s paywall.

- George Franklin Anderson, Kansas City

It’s just clickbait

After reading the KC Star sporadically for the last 30 years, I think it is clear that the paper is not a legitimate source of journalism. All it cares about is clickbait on social media.

It’s very obvious. It’s some words on paper but really doesn’t care about its local community at all.

- Kim Ewing, Springfield, Missouri

He’s the best

Brady vs. Mahomes: The GOAT is dead. Long live the GOAT!

- John Ferraro, Overland Park