True Love Doesn’t Exist, and More Life Lessons From TV Teachers

·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s National Teacher Day, and in the video above we celebrate by looking back at five life lessons we’ve learned from teachers on our favorite TV shows.

No list of TV teachers is complete without Mr. Garrison from South Park. And he taught us “there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.” Plus, who could forget Walter White, the Breaking Bad chemistry teacher turned criminal mastermind who showed us that you can’t make great meth without everything you learned in chemistry class.

On Boy Meets World, Cory, Topenga, and Shawn wouldn’t have made it through school without their favorite teacher, Mr. Feeny. In the series finale, his last lesson for them was “Do good.”

Will Schuester of Glee, aka Mr. Schue, taught his students many important lessons throughout the show’s six-season run. One of the most important was about how quickly you can ruin your good reputation. And finally, Edna Krabappel from The Simpsons taught her students about love. Her pearl of wisdom was “Most of you will never fall in love but will marry out of fear of dying alone.”

What life advice did you learn from a TV teacher? Tell us in the comments below.