Natalie Portman rockets toward madness in mind-bending 'Lucy in the Sky' trailer

Natalie Portman blasts off through the wildest reaches of the universe in the new trailer for Lucy in the Sky.

Legion creator Noah Hawley’s feature directorial debut stars the Oscar-winning actress as Lucy Cola, a loose adaptation of real-life astronaut Lisa Nowak, who, after returning to earth from a length mission to space, began an obsessive affair with a coworker.

In Hawley’s version of the story, Cola only feels at ease when she’s looking down on the planet from among the stars, and seeks sexual solace in one of her peers, the charming Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm), upon re-entering the atmosphere. When Goodwin seemingly moves on to a new romantic conquest (Zazie Beetz), however, Cola’s attachment intensifies, and her resulting, increasingly peculiar behavior ultimately threatens her seat on an upcoming interstellar journey.

“I saw my house from space. Not literally, but, my life,” Portman says in the trailer as Lucy looks down on the planet — an experience she later likens to “the only place where anything makes sense.”

The footage then document Lucy’s mental unraveling (which includes a particularly tense moment where she almost drowns herself during an underwater training), much to the dismay of her loyal husband (Dan Stevens) and no-nonsense mother (Ellen Burstyn).

“I know what you’re doing,” Lucy warns Mark after he lobbies for her firing from their next job. “But, you’re going to lose. Because I’m a winner.”

Hilary B. Gayle/Fox Searchlight
Hilary B. Gayle/Fox Searchlight

Before it launches a theatrical run this fall, the film will world-premiere as part of the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival lineup, debuting on the Oscar-primed festival circuit stop next to high-profile titles like Marielle Heller’s Mister Rogers drama A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, and The Aeronauts, which reunites The Theory of Everything stars Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne in a historical tale about meteorological trailblazer James Glaisher.

Lucy in the Sky — also starring Dan Stevens, Ellen Burstyn, Colman Domingo, Tig Notaro, and Nick Offerman — lands Oct. 4 in theaters. Watch the new trailer above, and see the poster below.

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

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