Natalie Imbruglia Plays Sandy to Chris Martin’s Danny During ‘Summer Nights’ Cover Honoring Olivia Newton-John

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Coldplay have hosted a series of stars on the intimate stadium-floor stage during their Music of the Spheres world tour. But on Tuesday night (Aug. 16) at the band’s headlining gig at Wembley Stadium, they went a step further during a surprise duet with Natalie Imbruglia.

A week after the death of pop idol Olivia Newton-John at 73, the band invited Imbruglia up to play Sandy to singer Chris Martin’s Danny during a spirited duet on the Grease classic “Summer Nights” in honor of Newton-John’s iconic role in the beloved 1978 big-screen musical.

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With Martin strumming an acoustic guitar, he and Imbruglia — who were also joined by Jacob Collier on keys and “wella, wella” backup vocals — crooned the song’s wistful summer romance lyrics as fans loudly sang along.

Imbruglia hung around for one more song, taking lead on an unplugged version of her signature heartbreak 1997 debut single, “Torn,” which, of course, the audience was more than happy to sing at the top of their lungs as well. It was just the latest superstar summit on the song originally recorded by Ednaswap, which Imbruglia performed in July in London with Olivia Rodrigo, who said that it was “one of my favorite songs of all time” before introducing her guest.

Coldplay kicked off their six-night residency at the 90,000-capacity stadium last Friday with a guest appearance from beloved British R&B singer Craig David, who hit the stage to sing his 2018 GoldLink collab “Live in the Moment” and his 2000 debut single, “Fill Me In.” David was back the next night, when he swapped “Fill Me In” with his sophomore single, “7 Days.”

Watch fan-shot footage of the duet below.

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