Natalia Bryant Shows Off the Meaningful Necklaces She Wears in Honor of Late Father Kobe Bryant

Natalia Bryant Shows Off 'Slim' Necklace and Shares the Sentimental Story About Dad Kobe Bryant
Natalia Bryant Shows Off 'Slim' Necklace and Shares the Sentimental Story About Dad Kobe Bryant


Natalia Bryant carries dad Kobe Bryant around with her wherever she goes.

The model and daughter of the late NBA star shared in her Vogue Beauty Secrets video that she wears a necklace that says "Slim," because it was a nickname her dad gave her as a child.

"I wanna show you my necklaces," Natalia, 19, shares in the video before holding them up to the camera. "This is a necklace that says 'Slim.' That was my nickname growing up. I was just so eency-teency. All my jerseys said slim. I didn't grow into the jerseys until I was, like, older. So my dad would always call me slim."

She then showed off her other necklaces, including one from the Mamba and Mambacita Foundation, which is a charity organization founded in memory of Kobe and daughter Gianna Bryant, who also died in the helicopter crash that killed the Los Angeles Lakers star.

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"I actually wear this medallion with me all the time," Natalia shares. "And on it, I don't know if you can see it, but it says, 'Dedication makes dreams come true.' And it's a quote from my dad. So it's something that I live by."

Natalia, who signed a contract with IMG Models last year, has been showing out at fashion's biggest events, including the 2021 Met Gala last September. She wore a multicolor egg-shaped dress by Conner Ives that was headed straight to display in the museum.

Proud mom Vanessa Bryant shared her girl on Instagram, writing, "Bringing back preschool drop off feelings as I send my first born off to her first Met Gala. The VOGUE team and Anna Wintour appointed Natalia this incredible dress designed by Conner Ives which will also be featured in the American Lexicon EXHIBIT. Thank you to Instagram, Anna Wintour and VOGUE for hosting my beautiful Natalia. Special thanks to our glam team!!!! @nataliabryant ❤️ #ExhibitDress."

The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion
The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion


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And as exciting as the night was, Natalia admits in her Vogue video posted Dec. 1 that it was also nerve-wracking.

"That was my first time going to the Met," she shares. "I was so nervous that I was literally nauseous. I met Anna [Wintour] and she was so sweet. She's really cool. I had the best time and I hope I can go again."

Though Natalia admits she wanted to be a model long before she got signed, she says she had an "agreement" with her mom that she had to finish high school first. Looking back now as a college student, she's grateful that her mom put her foot down.

"I'm so glad that she made me go through high school before I started modeling because modeling is a lot of work," Natalia candidly shares. "There's a lot of traveling, there's a lot of, like, pickup shoots. I'm really figuring out how to balance modeling with college. It's been quite the experience."

She jokingly says her life sometimes feels like Hannah Montana — she'll go to a "really cool shoot" and then come back to class in the "middle of midterms," giving her a double life like the Disney character played by Miley Cyrus.

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