'Nashville' returns – with Juliette walking off stage and joining a cult?


On the Season 6 premiere of Nashville, things went downhill for Juliette right from the start — from getting heckled onstage to admitting to her depression and possibly joining a cult.

A little over a minute into a performance, some audience members held up some less-than-flattering signs and began to heckle Juliette. She stopped the concert, poured her heart out to the audience, and walked off the stage.

After that debacle, Juliette decided to take some time away from the limelight, and was approached — somewhat creepily — by a man named Darius Enright in a hotel lobby. Enright waxed philosophical to Juliette, tossing out all sorts of convoluted one-liners before Juliette put an end to the conversation. But later, while lounging on the couch watching TV, Juliette saw Enright doling out life advice to an audience.

Juliette later met Enright at a place called The Movement for Coherent Philosophy. She told him her manager said he’s leading a cult. And his response was exactly what a cult leader would say.

“Your manager’s misinformed. This is not a cult nor a religion. It’s about training the mind,” he says.

Enright also gave Juliette homework: The next time someone makes her angry, don’t react with aggression. He told her to close her eyes, count to ten, and feel the pain. This led to an awkward radio interview.

The radio host was being less than civil, as was a caller. Juliette was about to blow up, but then remembered her homework. She closed her eyes and counted to ten as everyone else looked around wondering what was going on.

When Juliette opened her eyes, she admitted, “I struggle with depression.”

Juliette went on to talk about that depression and cancel her upcoming “Thicker Than Water” tour. Then, after celebrating the New Year with her family, Juliette called Enright and simply said, “I’m ready.”

Nashville airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CMT.

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