‘Nashville’ Fans Outraged by Series Finale Cliffhanger

The season finale of Nashville ended up being the series finale after ABC recently canceled the show. Most of the storylines still ended on a positive note, even though the episode was clearly shot before anyone knew it would be the last one.

Scarlett admitted she loved Gunnar, which almost broke up the band, but Gunnar returned the feeling when he kissed her onstage in front of their screaming fans. Maddie finally returned to her family after a producer, who sexually assaulted Rayna years ago, tried to do the same thing to her. Will Lexington went on Cynthia Davis Live and stood up to the hatred he’s faced for being gay. Finally, Juliette got some closure, as she admitted that Jeff died while trying to stop her from committing suicide.

It seemed like everyone was getting a happy ending until we saw Avery waiting at the airport for Juliette’s plane to land. A man came out and informed Avery that they had received a distress call from Juliette’s plane before losing contact with it — and that was how the show ended. It was a huge cliffhanger that fans were not happy about, and Twitter lit up with fans outraged that they’ll never find out what happened.

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