NASCAR Driver Josh Williams Pulls Wild F-You Stunt After He's Yanked From Race

NASCAR driver Josh Williams did as he was told and quit the race during the Raptor King of Tough 250 Xfinity Series event on Saturday. The problem was, he parked his car on the track at the finish line and stormed off. (Watch the video below.)

Williams’ crew had taped up damage to his car from an earlier collision, but it was shedding debris when officials ordered him off the Atlanta Motor Speedway track for good on Saturday, Sports Illustrated reported.

In what the outlet called a “bonkers meltdown,” Williams didn’t quite make it all the way. He abandoned his vehicle on the checkered surface and ambled away as he waved to the crowd.

“We all work really hard and to only run ‘x’ amount of laps and then to have something like a piece of Bear Bond [repair tape] fall off and put us out of the race, it’s really frustrating,” Williams told NBC Sports’ Dustin Long after speaking with NASCAR officials. “Small team. We work really hard. We’ve got to make our sponsors happy, right? It doesn’t do you any good sitting in the garage. It is what it is. We’ll learn from it and move on.”

Williams added that the crowd seemed supportive of his stunt.

The car was later parked next to NASCAR’s hauler outside the track.

Williams was credited with 33 laps and placed 32nd.

HuffPost reached out to NASCAR to find out if any discipline will be coming Williams’ way.

NBC said a decision would likely be announced on Tuesday.