Napoleon Box Office Prediction: Will It Flop or Succeed?

Napoleon Box Office Prediction
Credit: Apple TV
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Joaquin Phoenix’s Napoleon hits the theaters soon, and fans wish to find out how it will perform at the box office. Will the latest Apple TV movie flop, or will it succeed? Here’s a prediction based on the current projections.

How Much Money is Napoleon predicted to make?

Napoleon is reportedly shaping up to make $22 million from its 5-day domestic opening and a total of $46 million worldwide.

Ridley Scott’s historic War drama is predicted to open during Thanksgiving with a 5-day domestic debut of $22 million. Per Deadline, it is projected to add another $24 million overseas.

This opening resembles Apple’s previous outing, Killers of the Flower Moon. The Martin Scorsese movie opened with $23.2 million domestically and currently totals $61.6 million domestic, and $138.8 million worldwide. Distributed by Sony, Napoleon could be tracking a similar number towards the end of its run.

Will Apple TV’s Napoleon flop or succeed?

Having a reported budget of around $200 million, Napoleon may not succeed at the box office. But it might still do great as an Awards contender for Apple TV.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Napoleon’s production cost was an estimated $200 million, similar to Killers of the Flower Moon. So, having a performance akin to the Scorsese outing, it doesn’t seem to be making its box office money back. After all, it must have a blockbuster performance and make close to $400 million to break even.

However, it’s worth noting that the epic war drama bringing Napoleon Bonaparte’s story to life was always aimed to be an awards contender. So, the studio might be happy if it performs similarly to Killers of the Flower Moon and goes on to have a great awards season. It’s also worth noting that it will help Apple sustain and grow the Apple TV+ subscriber base in the future.

So, even though the movie may not make its entire production and marketing cost, it could still find other ways to be called a success story.

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